Exclusive: A Pair Of Future TMZ "Exclusives" Die Before Your Eyes. Exclusive.

Before the gossip dimwits at TMZ report them as legitimate, two more phony federal lawsuits have been filed from the Pennsylvania prison housing Jonathan Lee Riches, the felonious troll who has spent years concocting fraudulent lawsuits against celebrities.

In a June 6 complaint, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling are named as codefendants in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Chris Martin (the plaintiff notes that he is not, however, the Chris Martin married to Paltrow).

The one-page lawsuit was filed via mail from the state prison in Bellefonte, where Riches is locked up for violating probation. The envelope in which the complaint was mailed to a Florida courthouse carries the name of Howard Edger, a fellow inmate of Riches. Edger is a 58-year-old convicted drug dealer.

A second lawsuit seeking a restraining order names Sterling and the National Rifle Association as defendants. The filing was purportedly made by “Elliot Roger Zimmerman,” which seems to be a combination of the names of University of California, Santa Barbara gunman Elliot Rodger and George Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin.

The envelope containing the June 2 complaint--which also was filed in Florida--carries the name of inmate Tyson Kint, a convicted rapist. Like Edger, Kint is locked up with the 37-year-old Riches.

While the Sterling/NRA case is pending, the Chris Martin lawsuit was dismissed today by a federal judge who stated that the complaint contained “frivolous, nonsensical allegations and foul language.”

So there goes another TMZ .