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Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

Before announcing his presidential bid, Newt Gingrich commanded a $50,000 fee when appearances were booked through his Washington, D.C. agent.

When the Republican candidate spoke last October at a convocation at Missouri Western State University, his contract called for the coverage of “first class expenses” including hotel and meal costs, as well as “first class airfare.”

Which, of course, is entirely reasonable when securing an appearance by the 68-year-old former Speaker of the House.

The standard Gingrich “contract addendum” stipulates that a client has to provide the politician with a “non-smoking one-bedroom suite.” It also notes that the Gingrich accommodation should be outfitted “preferably with two bathrooms.”

The contract does not indicate why Gingrich--who travels with an aide who gets their own separate hotel room--needs two bathrooms. Gingrich’s loo requirement is nearly as unique as singer Mary J. Blige’s toilet seat proviso.

Gingrich also offered clients a possible “learning roundtable” during which “Speaker Gingrich would enjoy meeting with a select group of your top executives” for 45 minutes prior to a speech. The document adds that the pol “will require a flip chart and black magic markers for the Learning Roundtable.” (4 pages)

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