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The Game

He has only one best-selling album under his belt, but The Game rolls like his platinum pal 50 Cent. The scowling rapper (there's a new posture for you) only flies first class and it is "ABSOLUTELY NO MOTELS!" when it comes to lodging.

As for wearing a tour badge, the performer "is not accustomed to wearing his laminate...Please be aware that security is to be briefed to who this person is." And while he adopts a tough-guy pose, the rapper also has a soft side, requiring yummy Jolly Rancher and Snickers candy backstage. The young hos are surely appreciative. (6 pages)

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he didn't get any respect in Canada - where he isn't welcome
How many places in the world exist that gangsters get more respect than school teachers? As a hip hop fan I find it amazing that I a guy with a mediocre career is able to make such requests. God bless America!

Random Demands

Two (2) Cans Of Pringles

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