Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath Rider

When he tires of Sharon and the rest of his annoying clan, Ozzy can just send them to their room--the "Osbourne Family Dressing Room," that is. For Black Sabbath's 2001 Ozzfest shows, Jack and Kelly's creamy butternut squash soup and strawberry Haagen-Dazs were kept a room apart from dad's water biscuits, tea bags, and New York-style bagels. The extra dressing area is likely the only way the Prince of Darkness could get refuge from his yapping siblings and dogs. (7 pages)

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What happened to the bottles of jack, piles of coke, and bags of weed ?

Random Demands

Bendy Straws

Along with a Lear jet, Sarah Palin requires the provision of flexible sipping devices.

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