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Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston Rider

Whitney Houston

During a spring 2004 tour of Southeast Asia, Whitney Houston required that she be driven around in an "armored" Mercedes or BMW that was "neat and clean with tinted windows in excellent working condition."

Which is quite different from her husband's typical ride. Bobby Brown, of course, is often chauffeured in a state-owned Ford Crown Victoria with a cherry top.

At least the couple's diets are similar. Whitney's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches likely mirror the spartan grub Georgia cops serve the fading R & B star during his frequent layovers in the county lockup. (8 pages)

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What? no glass pipes ?
So much for Kevin Costner protecting her.

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One (1) X-Rated Lesbian Magazine

An "X-rated lesbian themed magazine" was on Blink-182's backstage reading list.

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