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Michael Bolton

We're pretty sure that singer Michael Bolton is a soulless no-talent whose success is attributable to a pact with the devil himself. But we are damn sure about one thing: the "entertainer" is very particular about his soft drinks and dry cleaning.

Here's part of a standard contract rider Bolton sends to promoters staging his concerts. The document details the performer's requirements regarding food, drink, and laundry services. Particularly disturbing is the last page, which demands an "(African American or ethnics/mixed) gospel choir" to perform during the show. Imagine if the follicly-challenged crooner had insisted on a "Jewish accountant" or an "Italian-American bodyguard." (7 pages)

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This was in '96. I wonder what he asks for (and gets) now. One (1) bottle of Febreeze to freshen Artist's delicate vintage designer duds (THEY STINK). One (1) 36 gallon trash bag for Artist's garbage (IT STINKS). One (1) portable CD player to play accompaniment for Artist. One (1) audience member selected by Artist to push the button on above mentioned CD player. A variety of coupons for the finest drive-through restaurants in venue city/town/village, such as McDonalds, Wendy's, Long John Silver, etc. (take-out only)

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