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David Spade Rider

Comedian David Spade requires "Original Triscuit Crackers," appropriate condiments, raisins, and a bottle of Jack Daniel's in his dressing room prior to a gig. The comedian also makes promoters procure one Nerf football (the miniature ball is more proportional to the diminutive performer than an official NFL model). Oh, and when he flies in for a show, the star needs a chauffeur-driven limousine and has to be "met at airport gate with a sign that says 'Spade.'" (2 pages)

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Spade's rider sounds reasonable. I like getting insight into lengths taken to troubleshoot problems. The purchaser provides the hard copy of the performance to the performer. Golden. Lawsuit shutdown.

Random Demands

Six (6) Cotton Boxer Shorts

Rage Against the (Washing) Machine? Tom Morello & Co. need new underwear nightly.

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