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Sammy Hagar

The name Sammy Hagar conjures up a variety of emotions from music fans--from hate to contempt, from disgust to revulsion. But when our thoughts turn to Sammy (which, of course, happens frequently), we think "wine connoisseur." Mr. Hagar likes his reds between $30 and $100, and his whites between $18 and $30. So that's something to consider while planning for that personal gift you'll deliver to Hagar the Horrible while he's onstage. (5 pages)

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Registered on this site just to say WTH! What is that variety of emotions bs? Okay yes I am a hardcore Sammy fan, and I know like every other musician and person his moods may vary but hate, contempt, disgust and revulsion?! One only has to read this non demanding rider which is bare bones compared to any of the others on here, to know what a laid back down to earth person he is. We think "wine connoisseur"?! No we think Tequila moron...

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