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Billy Idol

Okay, Billy and his bandmates all want healthy foods. Fair enough. Now, we're not going to make a joke about "soild" tuna being unhealthy because that's only a typo. We're confused by the "no processed meats" directive since Idol & Co. request cold cuts, hot dogs, sausage, and, uh, lunch meats. Perhaps 20 years of peroxide has taken its toll on Idol's brain. On the other hand, anyone asking for a supply of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" has got to know a thing or two about wholesome living. (4 pages)

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What a diva! Ready, Steady, Go....Eyes Without a Face....Rebel Yell...I mean, maybe the guy has earned his right to having such high demands, but come on- topping off all that junk food and alcohol with protein bars...really?

Random Demands

One (1) Snooker Table

For The Rolling Stones, nothing screams backstage debauchery more than snooker.

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