MUG SHOTS: Strippers

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I think Urkel's girlfriend had to start strippin'
Looks like a closet freak. Maybe she has a day job as an accountant, and moonlights as a stripper. Of course, her eyebrows could serve as a home to small forest animals. Maybe she could rent them out. Then she could get her nose fixed. Or am I being too critical?
She looks like a New York Jewess. I really think her Rabbi is gonna me pissed.
Obviously arrested for indecent exposure.
So THAT'S why they make them all wear burkas!
Every library needs a brass pole
I don't think were in Afgan anymore. I hope Auntie M doesn't miss me. So this is what it feels like to have the sun in your face.
strippers in turtlenecks? odd....
Looks like she should be a librarian.
DANG! Maybe in Pakistan..
Thats gotta be a dude