MUG SHOTS: Killers

Mark David Chapman '10

Mark David Chapman, who murdered John Lennon in December 1980, posed for the above New York State Department of Correctional Services mug shot in July 2010. Chapman, 55, was photographed at the Attica Correctional Facility.

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Now I know that I stand up for Scott Peterson. But this guy needs to die in Prison. He killed the one guy that was the most peace loving man in the world and the world would be better with out a psycho like this
he still hears voices
He was aiming for Yoko!!
Did the world a favor! Lennon sucked and was anti-American. To bad he didn't die sooner.
You are an idiot.
Damn you're a retard!
One of the most evil selfish beings - he murdered Lennon, one of the most brilliant gifted artists of all time. Mark David Chapman is an utterly worthless miserable failure whose name will only be remembered for the misery and horror he created.
i think that he one of the sorriest people in the world .i really hope he gets what he deserves from the prisnors.he is a sorry son of a ......
its lethal injection you ***
How could he kill lennon man what the hell i say we put him to legal ejection for killing one of the best rock stars to live.