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Sex Toy Heist Solved Thanks To Dopey Thief

Woman, 23, stole vibrator, applied for job at adult store

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Stolen Sex Toy

NOVEMBER 19--After shoplifting a sex toy from an adult novelty shop, a Florida woman then hung around to ask about any possible job openings at the business, police report.

According to cops, LeAnn Frauens, 23, went to the Intimate Treasures store in Crestview last month to inquire about work. Frauens made sure to leave her name, address, and phone number with a manager.

Following Frauens's departure from the business, the manager realized that an Evolved brand “Short & Sweet” vibrator had been taken from its display location. A subsequent review of store surveillance footage showed Frauens “concealing the device in the front of her pants as she moves away from the display,” according to a Crestview Police Department report.

It is unclear whether Frauens, who was reportedly intoxicated when she visited the shop, was primarily seeking employment or enjoyment from Intimate Treasures.

Since she had given the store manager her contact details, Frauens was quickly contacted by cops, who valued the stolen device at $59.95. When shown the video, Frauens copped to the theft. “As the defendant viewed her actions, she exclaimed in disbelief, 'Oh my God. Look at what I’m doing. Oh my God. I’m gonna cry,'" an investigator noted.

The cop added, “After viewing the video footage, the defendant retrieved the stolen device, which had been used and was no longer in a condition to be returned to the business.” Frauens said she had been “very drunk” the night of the theft and did not recall swiping the item.

Frauens turned the vibrator over in a paper bag provided to her by Corporal Robert Deroche, who reported that he “opened the bag and observed the contents to be a sex toy” similar to the one stolen in late-October. “I noted the device appeared to have been used and not cleaned and did not remove it from the bag,” Deroche added.

Pictured in the above mug shot, Frauens was charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor. On November 7, she was booked into the Okaloosa County jail, where she was later released on $100 bond in advance of a November 26 court appearance. (5 pages)