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Cops: Baby Left In Car While Mom Did Shots

Texan fought with police, spewed racial epithets

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Texas Mom Nabbed

JULY 30--A Texas woman left her infant daughter in a running car while she knocked back shots at a nightclub early Sunday morning, according to police who say the suspect spewed threats and racial epithets when confronted by cops.

Around 1:45 AM on July 28, a patrolman was dispatched to the TrackSide Night Club in Copperas Cove, a central Texas city, in reference to a “1 year old child left inside a vehicle.” The responding officer spotted the child asleep in a safety seat in the rear of a 2009 Buick Limited, which was unlocked.

The cop then went inside the nightclub and located the child’s mother, Samantha Grace Vaughan, 26, who initially claimed that she “only went inside to pee.” In an arrest affidavit, the officer noted that Vaughan, seen at right, smelled of booze.

When asked if she had consumed any alcohol, Vaughan reportedly copped to drinking two shots. Apparently sensing her impending legal trouble, Vaughan then yelled, “You will not take my child and place her with a fucking nigger.”

After being handcuffed, Vaughan told police that she went to the club to pick up her husband, and “sat with him while she consumed two shots.” A subsequent breath text recorded Vaughan’s blood alcohol content at nearly twice the .08 limit.

According to the court affidavit, Vaughan resisted arrest and thrashed about in the rear of a police cruiser, smashing her forehead “into the steel bar twice causing a small laceration to her head.”

While en route to police headquarters, Vaughan allegedly made a series of threats against the arresting officer, including “I hope someone slits your god damn jugular and a nigger fucks your children in the ass” and “I hope someone fucks your children in the ass and makes them choke on nigger dicks.”

Vaughan was charged with child endangerment, resisting arrest, and making terroristic threats to a public servant. (1 page)