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Trump Backer Arrested On Weapons Charges

Cops: Man pointed gun at children over signs

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Trump Fan Busted

NOVEMBER 4--A Michigan man who suspected neighborhood children of destroying his Donald Trump lawn signs was arrested Saturday night after he held the youths at gunpoint until police responded to a 911 call.

According to cops, Michael Kubek, 56, alleged that “a group of kids had destroyed his political yard signs and were currently running” away from his residence in Allen Park, a Detroit suburb.

Responding officers found six children (ages 12 to 14) “seated in the grass and Mr. Kubek was standing over them, cursing and yelling.” While Kubek, seen at right, accused the children of damaging his Trump campaign signs, he acknowledged that he “did not witness them do it.”

During police questioning, the children said that Kubek had “chased them, accusing them of damaging his signs.” Each juvenile said that Kubek “pulled out a pistol and was pointing it at them,” and ordered them to “sit on the ground while he had a family member call the police.”

Confronted with these accounts, Kubek copped to pointing a 9mm pistol at the children, claiming that he “had felt threatened by the juveniles because he was outnumbered.” Kubek added that he sought to “scare” the children by brandishing the weapon, which he said was unloaded at the time.

Kubek was subsequently arrested on seven felony weapons counts. Cops seized his handgun, which they found unloaded and in a holster.

After being arraigned Tuesday, Kubek was freed on $5000 bond and was ordered to have no contact with the victims. He was also directed to surrender his remaining firearms to police “for safekeeping.” Kubek is next due in court for a December 5 probable cause hearing. (1 page)