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Cops: Suspect Made Dopey Google Search

Iowan, 53, sought answer to pressing question

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Googling Meth

JULY 16--While in custody and declining to take field sobriety tests, an Iowa motorcyclist suspected of drugged driving Googled “how long meth stays in your system after initial consumption,” according to an arrest report.

Police say that Robert Perez, 53, was riding a stolen Kawasaki motorcycle when pulled over last night in Iowa City. Perez, cops allege, was “making non-sensical actions” while driving the motorcycle, which was listed as stolen in a law enforcement database.

When questioned by an Iowa City Police Department officer, Perez “claimed a fellow meth user loaned him the vehicle.” Perez, however, was unable to provide a name or address for the motorcycle’s purported owner.

Perez, who reportedly admitted injecting meth five hours earlier, had “multiple syringe caps” in his pockets, police noted. Though he agreed to take a breath test (which detected a .00 blood alcohol content), Perez refused all field sobriety tests.

While at the police station--and apparently still in possession of his phone--Perez was “witnessed by another officer Googling ‘how long meth stays in your system after initial consumption,’” Officer Daniel Boesen reported.

Investigators subsequently secured a search warrant to draw blood from Perez. The sample has been sent to the state crime lab for testing.

Pictured above, Perez--who has two prior operating while intoxicated convictions--was charged with theft, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license. He was booked into the Johnson County jail, from which he was released today at 9 AM. (2 pages)