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Giving Pranks This Holiday Season

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Giving Pranks This Holiday Season

1) Um, we're not sure Jennifer Spink has a future in the food service industry. Because the 20-year-old Arby's manager (Noblesville, Indiana) just fell for a nasty little pre-Christmas prank. Thankfully, the manager at a nearby Burger King wasn't as gullible as young Ms. Spink, whose 17-year-old employee deserves a few apologies--and probably a cash settlement. (1 page)

2) When they're not microwaving each other's pets, frat boys come up with other ingenious ways to torment their victims. For example, University of Toledo student John Muckridge, 19, is facing felonious assault charges for this alleged crazy glue attack . Victim Aaron Laser, 20, made the mistake of falling asleep on a Pi Kappa Phi sofa. A little surgery repaired the damage Laser suffered in Greek Village.(1 page)

The most demented phone prank ever.