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Get BAC To Where It Once Belonged

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Get BAC To Where It Once Belonged

Before commencing your New Year's Eve bacchanal, we'd like to introduce you to Cloyd Dull.

The 49-year-old Ohio man (pictured here in a March 2000 mug shot) probably deserves a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for his December 16 DUI arrest. Because Lorain cops recorded Dull's blood alcohol content (BAC) at a whopping/shocking/unheard of .532--more than five times the state's legal limit.

And, to boot, when police found him slumped at the wheel of his '89 Plymouth, "Dull was NOT wearing his seat belt." Their remarkable incident report, authored by a Patrolman Lacock, follows on page two. (2 pages)

From our BAC pages: actress Yasmine Bleeth (.000); comedian Tim Allen (.150); figure skater Oksana Baiul (.168); "Big Brother 2" star Hardy Hill (.196); and TV's "Bobby Brady" (.255).

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