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Dope Finds Lost Phone, Uses It For Bomb Threat

Cops: Owner left device in Walmart store's bathroom

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Walmart Bomb Threat

JANUARY 18--Moments after finding a lost cell phone in a Walmart bathroom, a Florida Man used the device to call 911 and claim there was a bomb in the store, according to police who say the suspect later confessed that he had previously seen Tik Tok videos showing similar fake threats and he “decided to make one himself.”

Police responded Friday afternoon to a Walmart in Port Charlotte after a man called in a bomb threat to 911. When a police dispatcher dialed the number from which the threat was placed, the suspect said, “Tic Toc, Tic Toc” before hanging up again, according to a police report.

After the phone’s owner told cops he had left it in the store, a review of surveillance footage showed another man entering the bathroom moments before the 911 call was placed. The second man departed the store (pictured below) as police were arriving.

Cops quickly identified the suspect as Coty Clements, 28, who lives about 10 miles from the Walmart.

After being read his rights, Clements (seen at right) reportedly copped to “seeing the cellphone in the stall and deciding to make a prank 911 call.” Clements added that he had watched “people [on Tik Tok] making fake bomb threats and decided to make one himself.”

According to the report, “Coty stated he regrets his decision and realizes he made a bad decision.”

Clements was charged with making a false report about planting a bomb or weapon of mass destruction, a second degree felony. He was released from the county jail on $15,000 bond and has been ordered by a judge to have no contact with any Walmarts.

Clements is scheduled for arraignment on February 12. (2 pages)