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Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Jail

Cops: Felon emptied urn during fight with girlfriend


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Ashes Tossed

FEBRUARY 28--During a fight Saturday with his girlfriend, an Oklahoma man took an urn containing the remains of the woman’s late husband and dumped them “all over the parking lot” outside her Tulsa home.

According to a Tulsa Police Department report, Demario Johnson assaulted his girlfriend by “violently grabbing her left arm and leaving a large protruding bruise around her left wrist.” Johnson, 30, also allegedly “grabbed the urn,” went outside, and “spread the remains/ashes all over the parking lot angrily without the victims consent.”

Johnson, a previously convicted felon, is pictured in the above mug shot.

When cops tried to handcuff Johnson, he “violently tossed officers around” and “continually pulled away.” After being subdued, Johnson was hit with several charges, including domestic abuse, aggravated assault and battery, and unlawful removal of human remains (all of which are felonies).

Johnson is being held in the Tulsa County jail in lieu of $5500 bond. (2 pages)

Comments (6)

...he “violently tossed officers around”... How the hell is his face not all beat up? Oklahoma cops must suck.
Why would he have a beat up face from the current incident in a previous mug shot? OK cops are not time travelers, AFAIK. Or is that really a current mug shot? The idiot looks disgusting.
Ever hear of getting knocked into next Tuesday? Or last Wednesday?
He was probably intending to snort the ashes and he was throwing the cops around and pulling away because he was trying to get to the 'coke' before it blew away. He fought with his girlfriend because he thought she'd been holding out on him when he found the urn and looked inside it. When she told him her husband was in there, he went outside and dumped it out, looking for him so he could kick his ash (sorry to steal your word-play, Owossoan, but it was just too tempting). But seriously, there has to be something terribly wrong with someone who would be so immature and jealous to desicrate someone's remains. That's not a very good way to keep a girlfriend, that's for sure. I'll bet she doesn't bail him out.
He's got those huge crusty rusty crackhead lips, this guy is on crack...
Guess Mr Johnson has "urned" another stay in prison. As for the woman, she obviously has no good idea on how to find trustworthy people. Got her ash kicked!