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FBI Arrests Prison Supervisor In Sex Scandal

Man filmed in tryst with male inmates at federal lockup


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FCI-Phoenix Sex

AUGUST 30--A kitchen supervisor at a federal prison in Arizona was arrested this week after an FBI surveillance camera recorded him engaging in a storage room ménage a trois with two male inmates who told investigators that they received cigarettes in return for participating in such sexual activity, according to court records.

Busted Tuesday, Carl David Evans was charged in a three-count felony complaint filed in U.S. District Court. He is scheduled for a detention hearing later this afternoon.

Evans’s alleged illegal conduct at the medium security Federal Correctional Institution (FCI) in Phoenix is detailed in a graphic FBI affidavit sworn by Agent Tyler Woods, who reported that prison staffers learned in June that Evans was “engaged in a sexual relationship” with an inmate.

The inmate, identified in the affidavit as “E.D.,” reportedly received tobacco from Evans in return for the sex acts, which occurred in a locked “food storage area of the kitchen.”

In an effort to monitor Evans’s activities, FBI investigators hid a video camera in the kitchen's storage area and recorded “the entirety of Evans’s eight-hour work shifts” from August 19-23.

When Agent Woods subsequently reviewed the five days worth of video, he discovered footage showing Evans, “E.D.,” and a third inmate, “J.I.,” entering the storage area together last Wednesday afternoon. Both “E.D.” and “J.I.” worked in the kitchen and were supervised by Evans, Woods noted.

After “E.D.” asked the other two men if they were “ready to suck some dick,” Evans locked the door and the trio began engaging in mutual fellatio atop “food sacks.” During the encounter, “Evans can be seen wearing his FCI-Phoenix staff uniform.”

When questioned Tuesday by Woods, “J.I” said that, beginning a month ago, he engaged in oral sex with Evans and “E.D.” on three occasions. After hearing rumors that “E.D.” and Evans were having sex, he “wanted to be a part of it since E.D. had access to food and benefited from his relationship with Evans.”

The FBI affidavit includes sexually explicit descriptions of three encounters recalled by “J.I.,” who said that the men used the word “festivities” as “their code for engaging in sexual acts.” After two sexual encounters, “J.I.” said, Evans gave him a cigarette.

In an FBI interview, “E.D.” said that his sexual relationship with Evans began in April and gave him “access to food that he took or sold.” Additionally, the inmate said that Evans gave him a pack of cigarettes every two weeks. “E.D.” turned around and sold off the cigarettes to other inmates, netting as much as $150.

While working as a cook, “E.D.” said that Evans became “aggressive physically” and “made sexual comments almost every day.” The inmate alleged that Evans touched his buttocks, asked him to take off his shirt, and then proceeded to play with his nipples.

“E.D.” estimated that Evans performed fellatio on him between 15 and 20 times. On one occasion, he added, Evans “brought in a bag with KY gel and a condom.” After Evans placed the condom on “E.D.,” the men briefly engaged in anal sex.

On Tuesday, when Evans noticed that “J.I.” was not at work, he asked “E.D.” about the whereabouts of his fellow inmate. “E.D.” recalled telling Evans that he thought “J.I.” was sick and had gone to the hospital. “It’s probably all of my fucking shit in his stomach,” Evans replied, according to the FBI affidavit.

In fact, “J.I.” was absent from work because he was being interviewed by Agent Woods. Shortly thereafter, Evans was arrested at the federal prison and transported to the FBI office in Phoenix, where he declined to speak with investigators.

Evans has been charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a ward, and providing contraband to an inmate. (8 pages)