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"Bottle Girl" Is Busted For Lewd Truck Display

Public nudity rap filed over explicit viral video

Jim Beam

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"Bottle Girl" Charged

AUGUST 31--The Indiana woman who became Internet infamous this week--earning the nickname “Bottle Girl” along the way--has been charged with public nudity for her explicit videotaped performance in a truck bed.

Belinda Dobrowolski, 24, was hit yesterday with a criminal rap for her lewd August 26 public performance in a Terre Haute parking lot.

As seen on an X-rated viral video--which was shot after the close of the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza at the nearby Vigo County fairgrounds--Dobrowolski (seen in the adjacent video grab) removed her dress as various onlookers filmed her standing naked.

Dobrowolski is then seen engaging in explicit sexual acts with liquor bottles (she is, um, aided at points by two unidentified men). The graphic activity is met by hoots from an approving crowd of guys, one of whom exclaims, “This is awesome!”

Terre Haute cops began investigating the clip after it began circulating online this week. After identifying Dobrowolski--and determining when the video was filmed—cops charged her with misdemeanor public nudity.

Appearing this morning in Terre Haute City Court, Dobrowolski waived formal arraignment and had a November 28 hearing date set by a judicial officer.

Dobrowolski, pictured at left in her Facebook profile photo, does not appear overly concerned about fallout from her alcohol-fueled performance.

Yesterday, she sought suggestions on her Facebook page for what should appear on a proposed t-shirt memorializing the incident. Though she did bristle at negative comments posted to her sister’s Facebook page. “anyone has something to say to my sister about this shit say it to me leave her out of this ill fuck someone up,” Dobrowolski wrote this morning. (1 page)