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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Shirt

Eighteen identically-topped female perps kick off mug shot roundup

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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Shirt

FEBRUARY 20--As seen below, the 18 women who kick off this week's mug shot roundup seem to share a similar fashion sense. In fact, they are made to wear the same shirt when Tennessee jailers decide that their regular threads are not appropriate for a booking photo and need to be covered.

As for the other images, a few notes: 1) The woman on page #5 has been arrested twice this year on failure to appear raps; 2) The perp on page #6 picked a strange time to throw up a sign; 3) The Floridian on page #10 has been busted twice in the past three months, most recently yesterday for driving with a revoked license and giving a fake name; and 4) The Georgia trio on page #14 share a surname, a home address, and were each nabbed yesterday for theft. (16 pages)