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Whale Of A Valentine's Day Prank

Texas cops probe fake Craigslist ad promising sex to male respondents

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Whale Of A Valentine's Day Prank

FEBRUARY 18--A nasty Valentine's Day Craigslist prank could lead to the arrest of a Texas man on harassment charges.

According to police, a phony personal ad was placed on the popular classifieds site offering men sexual favors. The ad, placed on the site's "Women Seeking Men" section, included a phone number and two photos of a woman, named Jennifer, who purportedly placed the ad. The posting promised suitors that the advertiser would "moan like Shamu."

The phone number listed was that of Jennifer Orr, a 21-year-old who called cops when she was bombarded with about 150 text messages and 50 phone calls from men who had seen the Craigslist ad. Orr told TSG that the photos included in the ad were taken from her MySpace page.

According to a Denton Police Department report, Orr told cops that she immediately suspected that Sean Kirkland, an ex-coworker of hers at Sears, was responsible for the Craigslist ad. Orr told cops that Kirkland, pictured above, "made several attempts to date her" and periodically "sends her text messages asking her to go out with him." Orr told police that when she confronted the 21-year-old Kirkland, he admitted placing the ad with the help of a friend.

Orr provided TSG text messages she said she received from Kirkland's cell phone. In one, the author writes, "Im sorry for posting some add on craigs list." A second text noted, "it was a joke sorry we did it we won't do anything again." Kirkland, who is listed in police reports as the only suspect in the harassment of Orr, did not respond to messages left on his cell phone and sent via his Facebook account. (2 pages)