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Here's A Man Who's Locked Up Every Day

Arrestee's riveting earrings highlight mug shot roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: 9/20/13

SEPTEMBER 23--The Missouri man who kicks off this week’s mug shot roundup really deserves an endorsement deal from Master Lock. The 29-year-old was busted Wednesday for assault. As for his fellow arrestees, a few notes:

1) The 64-year-old Floridian on page #4 was collared for theft and battery on a law enforcement officer. He was likely fitted for that net to keep him from spitting on cops; 2) The “Hangover” fan on page #5 was booked into an Ohio jail on a theft charge; 3) The 41-year-old Arkansan “seen” on page #7 was photographed Tuesday while he was being held for another law enforcement agency; 4) After being nabbed Sunday for drunk driving and marijuana possession, the Florida woman, 23, on page #9 had to expose her so-called tramp stamp to jailers. And, yes, that is Marilyn Monroe’s signature; 5) The Chicago man, 27, on page #10 was arrested Wednesday for prostitution; and 6) The man with the “Tool” tattoo on page #12 was nabbed by Florida cops on a failure to appear rap. (12 pages)