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Florida Couple Jailed In "Grand Theft" Robbery

Targeted "cracker," opted for mentally challenged man

Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V Theft

SEPTEMBER 20--A mentally challenged Florida man who had saved up for months to purchase a copy of "Grand Theft Auto V" was robbed of the video game as he left a GameStop store this week, police report.

After buying the game Tuesday afternoon, Rohan Dawkins was approached in a Delray Beach parking lot by a couple who pulled up in a car. After asking Dawkins for the time, Tommy Davis, 27, grabbed the bag containing the best-selling game, which was released this week.

When Dawkins sought to retrieve the item, Adele Jones, 25, allegedly kicked and punched the 21-year-old Dawkins, according to Delray Beach Police Department reports.

After swiping the game, Davis and Jones (seen in the above mug shots) drove to a second GameStop, where they unsuccessfully sought to return the game for a refund. Investigators believe that the couple subsequently sold the game to a third party.

A police report valued the stolen copy of "Grand Theft Auto V" at $150, an indication that Dawkins purchased a GameStop collector’s edition of the game. 

Aided by store surveillance footage, Davis and Jones--parents to four children--were arrested yesterday. Dawkins identified both suspects when shown photo lineups.

During questioning, an “apologetic” Davis reportedly confessed to robbing Dawkins, claiming that he “stole the property because he needed new tires for his car.” Jones admitted that she and Davis went to GameStop intending to “catch a cracker,” which she said was slang for robbing a white person, cops reported. Instead, they robbed Dawkins, with whom Davis said she fought until Davis was able to drive away.

Davis and Jones were booked into the Palm Beach County jail on felony robbery and dealing in stolen property charges. They remain jailed in lieu of $5000 bond.

“I wanted to play the game with my sister and my cousins,” Dawkins (seen above) said yesterday at a police press conference. “I was buying it for my family and me.” Police announced last night that today they will present Dawkins with a donated copy of "Grand Theft Auto V." (3 pages)