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Work Hard. Play Hard. Take A Solid Mug Shot.

Roundup features 14 perps, some may do hard time

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: July 4, 2014

JULY 7--The 43-year-old Georgian in the hairnet who leads off this week’s mug shot roundup was arrested Monday on a pair of vehicular charges. As for his fellow suspetcs, a few notes:

1) The Arkansan, 41, on page #3 was collared Tuesday for possession of a controlled substance and possession of criminal instruments; 2) The Floridian, 25, found beneath that bountiful Afro on page #4 was busted Tuesday for domestic violence and disorderly conduct; 3) The 34-year-old Georgia woman on page #5 departed for jail Wednesday after getting nabbed for drug possession; 4) The Oregonian, 33, giving duck face on page #10 was popped for drunk driving and reckless driving; 5) Along with working hard and playing hard, you should also drive with a license. Which the 40-year-old Oregon man on page #13 forgot to do Thursday, when he was arrested; and 6) The Tennessee man, 34, emerging from the neck brace on page #14 was busted for drunk driving. (14 pages)