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Father's Day T-Shirt In Mother's Day Roundup

One more ill-timed garment among latest arrestees

Mug Shot Roundup

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May 10, 2013 Mug Shots

MAY 10--The surprised Oklahoma gentleman, 21, who leads off this week’s mug shot roundup was arrested Saturday for marijuana possession and drunk driving. Here’s a few notes about his fellow suspects:

1) The Floridian, 27, on page #2 was in pretty rough condition following her bust Monday by Miami police. She is facing disorderly intoxication, escape, and resisting arrest charges; 2) The Pennsylvania man, 34, on page #3 was popped Wednesday for pot possession. So much for his purportedly lucky t-shirt; 3) Collared Wednesday for public intoxication, the tattooed gent on page #4 made sure to roll his eyes up into his head when posing for jailers; 4) The Chicago man, 26, on page #5 was arrested Thursday for prostitution; 5) Comment below if you have a theory on the forehead art of the 26-year-old Georgian seen on page #7. He was nabbed Wednesday for providing false information to police; 6) The Maine man, 38, wearing the homemade “Happy Father Day 2010” t-shirt on page #10 was arrested Monday for violating a protective order; and 7) The hipster/Jay Cutler lookalike on page #13 was busted for violating a probation term imposed following a prior drunk driving conviction. (15 pages)