Netflix And Chill? Not For This Florida Woman

Cops: Perp battered senior over account use

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Netflix Battery

APRIL 23--A dispute over access to a Netflix account allegedly turned violent last night, leading to the arrest of a Florida Woman for allegedly battering an elderly female victim during the domestic confrontation.

According to a criminal complaint, the victim told police that “during a verbal altercation over Netflix usage,” Crystal Marie Ortiz, 33, grabbed at her in an attempt to “stop the victim from using her tablet.”

During the tussle, the victim “received bruises to her left wrist and hand,” a cop reported. Additionally, Ortiz allegedly grabbed a necklace and ripped it from the victim’s neck, breaking the jewelry.

While the complaint only describes the victim as over 65 years of age, records show that an 88-year-old woman resides in the New Port Richey home where the alleged attack occurred.

Ortiz, seen above, was arrested on a felony battery charge after police determined that she was the primary aggressor and “did actually and intentionally touch the victim.”

Ortiz was locked up in advance of a court hearing today. Her rap sheet includes prior convictions for trespassing and resisting an officer. (1 page)