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Man Suffered "Puncture Marks" Down There

Cops: Wife mauled husband's private parts

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Shower Attack

OCTOBER 10--Today’s “Ow! My Balls!” dispatch come from Lititz, Pennsylvania, where a newlywed stands accused of leaving her husband with “puncture marks and scratch marks” on his genitals following a 1:45 AM confrontation inside the couple’s shower.

Abigail Geiger, 22, was booked Thursday on a misdemeanor assault charge in connection with the alleged September 19 attack on her husband David. The Geigers, married since February, are parents to a four-month-old daughter.

Responding to a report of a domestic disturbance involving “screaming and banging,” police arrived at the Geiger residence and encountered Abigail, who said she had argued in the shower with her husband (who was en route to the hospital).

As alleged in a probable cause affidavit, David “received puncture marks and scratch marks to his genitals” as a result of Abigail “grabbing his genitals in an effort to stop him from leaving the shower.”

While Abigail (seen above) suffered bruises on her back when David pushed her away to exit the shower, she was busted since cops “determined that she was the aggressor in the domestic violence incident.” 

According to the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department, David received “hospital based care” for his injuries (which are not further described in court filings).

Abigail Geiger is scheduled for an October 19 preliminary hearing in District Court in Lititz, a town about 40 miles east of Harrisburg. (2 pages)