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Couple Jailed For Lewd Public Encounter

Police: Man pleasured woman in public view

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Clearwater Clinch

OCTOBER 9--In “full view” of an adjacent bus stop and busy six-lane highway, a Florida man performed oral sex on a female acquaintance, according to police who arrested the couple for their lewd daylight assignation.

Investigators allege that Veronica Hutchison, 37, and Cameron Peterson, 31, engaged in illicit al fresco activities Thursday in Clearwater. The couple partook in “several sex acts in the view of the public,” a court complaint charges.

Hutchison was “sitting on the ground with her shorts below her knees” while receiving oral sex from Peterson, according to Officer Joseph Mazzella. The patrolman added that when he approached the duo, he observed Hutchison “being digital penetrated” by Peterson.

The 6 PM encounter appears to have occurred on a patch of grass adjacent to a bus stop on County Road 611 (seen below).

Pictured above, Hutchison and Peterson were each arrested on a misdemeanor count of unnatural and lascivious act. They are both being held in the county jail in lieu of $250 bond. (1 page)