DOCUMENT: Revolting, Crime

Suspect Sought In Poop Attacks On Trump Fans

Police: Woman has left dog feces inside mailboxes

UPDATE: While police succeeded in identifying the perpetrator--a juvenile who copped to the vandalism--no charges will be filed at the request of victims.

SEPTEMBER 17--Have you spotted the Lilac Avenger?

Maine police are seeking the public’s help in identifying a woman who has taken her displeasure with Donald Trump and his supporters to a gross extreme.

The suspect, cops say, has recently been defacing Trump lawn signs in Hampden, a town outside Bangor. In addition to scribbling negative comments on the signs, the woman has also placed dog feces in the mailboxes of the Trump supporters, cops report.

As seen in the above photo, the masked woman was seen pedaling a lilac-colored bicycle while wearing lilac-colored Crocs, blue shorts, and a purple top.

It seems likely that the Trump detractor will be identified quickly due to her distinctive profile. While the destruction or defacement of political signs in Maine is a civil violation carrying a fine of up to $250, the placement of dog waste in someone’s mailbox could lead to a misdemeanor charge like criminal mischief.