Lovely Butts Busted For Bleach Attack

Cops: Defendant, 64 threatened juvenile victim

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Butts Bust

SEPTEMBER 16--A Florida Woman named Lovely Butts allegedly doused a juvenile relative with bleach and threatened to pistol whip the victim during a confrontation Monday night at a Daytona Beach home.

According to cops, the 64-year-old Butts was arrested on a pair of felonies--aggravated assault and child abuse--and booked into the Volusia County jail, from which she was released today on bond. Seen at right, Butts is scheduled for arraignment on October 15.

Investigators allege that Butts threw bleach at the female victim, “causing the bleach to strike her in the face and mouth” and “also threatened to pistol whip” the girl “while holding a firearm.”

The minor is described in a police report as Butts’s “primary caregiver.”

When police arrived at the residence around 8 PM, they found the victim--who smelled of bleach--in the front yard. The girl told cops that she had gotten into an argument with Butts “about the location of her medication.”

During the dispute, the girl said, Butts poured bleach on her, which “got into her eyes and mouth which almost caused her to lose consciousness.” The girl, who lives with Butts, was treated at the scene by Daytona Beach Fire Department medics.

The victim, cops reported, said she had been fearful of “starting additional arguments with the Defendant so she has been urinating in a Solo cup located in her room.” Officers “located and photographed a cup inside the residence which appeared to coincide with the victim’s story.”

Police seized Butts’s unloaded firearm from her bedroom nightstand and tagged the weapon as evidence.

According to court records, Butts, pictured below with family members, has previously been convicted of passing bad checks. (2 pages)