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Blackboard Bungle Case Settled

Teacher was suspended over vulgar sex ed talk

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Sex Ed Class Notes

AUGUST 30--A teacher who was suspended for asking middle school students to volunteer vulgar terms during a sex education lesson has settled a lawsuit brought against the City of New York.

Faith Kramer, 48, of Staten Island’s Intermediate School 72 accepted $45,000 to settle her federal lawsuit against the city and its Department of Education. Kramer's complaint argued that she was unfairly suspended for a February 2008 lesson during which she discussed HIV and AIDS.

In that eighth grade class, Kramer asked students to offer slang words for male and female genitalia, sexual acts, and bodily fluids. She proceeded to write these terms on the blackboard and, in turn, several students copied this information down in their notebooks. Which did not please some of their parents, who complained to school administrators (who subsequently suspended Kramer).

As part of a probe, school investigators obtained notes taken during Kramer’s class by two students, a 14-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy. Those notes, which can be viewed here, detail some of the terms tossed around Kramer’s classroom. These included furburger; jugs; taco; hooters; sucklers; schlong; 69; fingering; pussy juice; doggy style; hand job; eating out; gang bang; cum; love juice; humping; toe job; punani; and organism.

The last term appears to have been a misspelling. (2 pages)

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Surely 'masterbate' is a misspelling as well? I wonder if it was misspelled by the teacher as well. Now THAT would be a reason for suspension. ;)
I, for one, must say that reading these notes has been an education... although perhaps a bit embarrassing that 8th graders have come up with a couple terms that I've never heard of.