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The Dark Past Of The "Weinergate" Co-Pilot

Twitter avenger is not your typical GOP agitator

Anthony Weiner

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Mike Stack Reports

JUNE 3--The Twitter user who first floated the rumor that a lewd photo scandal was brewing for Representative Anthony Weiner is not your typical conservative avenger, an investigation by The Smoking Gun has determined.

Mike Stack, a 39-year-old New Jersey resident, is known as “goatsred” in the Twitterverse, where he has helped lead a months-long assault on the New York City politician. Stack was joined at the hip in this pursuit by “patriotusa76,” who gave his name as “Dan Wolfe” and was the online avenger who happened last Friday night to discover the notorious tweet emanating from Weiner’s account.

As TSG reported yesterday, “Dan Wolfe” has conveniently evaporated in the wake of “Weinergate.” In fact, today Wolfe's entire Twitter page was deleted.

But Stack, the other Twitter Twin, remains online. An examination of his background has discovered:

* Stack, who aggressively pushed the story about Weiner’s underpants shot, has worked as a moderator on a pornography web site, and been a regular commenter on several other X-rated sites. Stack describes himself as a “Pervert” on one site, where his avatar, captioned “Antichrist,” is a drawing of President Barack Obama as Jesus Christ.

* New Jersey court records show that Stack was convicted of drunk driving in February 2008. He was previously arrested for domestic assault in July 2004 following a drunken fight that left his girlfriend with bruises on her arm (that case, though, ended with a dismissal in April 2005). Stack is pictured above in a mug shot taken by the Readington Township Police Department following his 2004 collar.

* Stack has twice declared bankruptcy during the past 14 years. His most recent Chapter 7 case ended in July 2008, around the time Stack lost his Hunterdon County home to foreclosure. At the time of that filing, Stack reported working as a warehouseman for Johnson & Johnson.

* The Internal Revenue Service last year filed a $5907 federal tax lien against Stack.

“The past is the past,” Stack said in an interview today. Describing himself as a “private person,” he added, “there’s no reason my records need to be public.”

Stack also contended that while he sent out the May 5 tweet first hinting that a “big time” Congressman was about to be ensnared in a sex scandal, he claimed that Wolfe actually provided him that information. Wolfe, Stack said, told him that he had heard the rumor from a source who worked for a well-known conservative web site.

After Stack sent out the initial tweet, Wolfe quickly ran with the rumor, attributing it--“via@goatsred”--to his online buddy. In retweets, Wolfe immediately attached Weiner’s name to the rumor, wondering “@RepWeiner are you this Congressman?” Stack did not have an explanation as to why Wolfe sought to launder the rumor through him. He also vehemently denied that he was Wolfe.

While Stack’s rap sheet and financial calamities may be of interest to “Weinergate” followers, his affiliation with porn sites might raise the eyebrows of the conservative coterie with which he is affiliated.

In mid-2009, TSG discovered, Stack began working as a moderator on, which describes itself as the sex industry’s “ultimate” discussion forum. Stack first registered with the site, known as "XPT," in December 2007 and used the handle “redgoat” and the Obama “Antichrist” avatar. His original avatar was a photo of Obama bicycling with a helmet on his head (an image that has been ridiculed by the president’s detractors).

After a brief hiatus from XPT, Stack announced his return to the site with a May 11 post entitled “Welcoming Myself Back.” He wrote, “Love me, or hate me, I'm planning to be here a lot more starting tomorrow. I've missed the perversion and dysfunction, but am sure it still reigns supreme.” Stack added, “To my friends, the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. To my enemies: Go fuck yourselves. Let the games begin.”

Stack has also been a frequent commenter on other porn industry discussion sites, where he has been known to tangle with other users. During a January 2009 discussion on the Porn Star Babylon blog, Stack wrote to a female commenter that, “I just know not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Kind of like when your daddy shoves his cock in your mouy=th.” He dismissed another rival as a “Closeted fag,” and asked, “did your daddy touch you in your private place? Did you snap towels in the locker room with the other guys?”

Stack fought frequently with a woman who accused him of stalking her online, and alleged that he admitted to opening numerous Twitter accounts posing as her. This sort of obsessive attention to a subject he disliked would be familiar to anyone who has followed Stack’s acerbic tweets about Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin.

In one 2009 post, Stack fired back at some of his online enemies, warning them to “be careful of what you say.” He claimed, “I can find out anything about anyone. The software and programs that I have at my disposal, in addition to the people who work in the wi-fi and technology field that I am partnered with make me a virtual cyber detective.” Stack added, “I have other people making me money, so I have all day to have fun here at my little house. Hopefully, you have the same resources the next time you call someone out.”

In a December 2008 online profile, Stack noted that he loves the “virtual world,” and was self-employed building “networks, programs.” He described himself as a passionate gambler whose favorite travel destination was Las Vegas. Howard Stern, Stack reported, was his favorite author, and the last book he read was one authored by Stern sidekick Artie Lange. (4 pages)

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I think this story just highlights the "pot-calling-the-kettle-black" nature and character of most of the right wing scumbags that clog the interweebs. Who loves a pervert story more than perverts? This little expose' just proves it, and you clowns as usual are trying to deflect attention from it. There are plenty of "Weiner is a pervert" stories out there for you to gloat about, so what are you doing here defending this asshat? It just makes you jokers look so obvious. I'll bet almost all of you have shady histories, so this is just standard.
Sigh, The Smoking Gun really put it's Weiner all the way out for this disgusting man. Gamble big, lose big.
This story should be taken down seems like weiner admitted it today there for making this story makes TSG look libtard stupid.When libtards attack tonight on animal planet.
If I looked like this guy I would strictly communicate via the web too.
Let's be candid here. This is small potatoes. Liberals were happy to give Ted a pass for parking his car under water with his mistress in the passenger seat.
The tin hat party sure has had a busy weekend.
Did they? Be sure to say hi for us.
Hi Bob!
Hi. Now go say hi to your tin foil hat friends. Toodles.
Want to bet that with this morning's news of more pictures and other women surfacing, that liberals and TSG will find this story much less interesting and far less worthy of discussion.
Weinergate Bombshell: New Woman Comes Forward Claiming Cache of Intimate Photos and Online Communications with Beleaguered Congressman
It's understandable why the media has latched onto this story. "Wiener shows his Wiener" is a lot better story then how we are at war with Libya or that the GOP's plan to balance the budget will add 6 trillion in new debt. I don't think the Right gets why Liberals have though. The O'Reilly comments show that. As if Wiener was voting on taxes with his penis. But Bill-O did set himself up as a judge of other's morality. & then showed how he didn't measure up to his own standards. Same with all the "Family Values" Elected GOPers who keep getting caught hiring prostitutes to put them in diapers or having affairs. And I have lost count of anti-gay republicans who turned out to be gay. And it's the constant lying from the right: The acorn scandal that didn't really show Acorn helping a pimp, Shirley Sherrod who wasn't really racist, Swift Boat veterans and even a whole War based on lies. This just seems more of the same. Which is probably why the Right has latched onto this. They need someone to distract from what utter lying hypocrites and failures they are. They need people to forget that the GOP plan to get re-elected is make things worse and how much of the mess we are in was their doing. It's all just politics to them. And if people suffer who shouldn't, then oh well. As long as they get back in power, that's justification enough for the lying and hypocrisy. Though personally most of the info given by TSG just shows a messed up guy who was at best a very dim headed link in a chain.
Seems this one turned out pretty much like we all expected. How do like your crow, fried or baked?
Poor TSG. Hopelessly dedicated to the liberal cause in spite of the roar of laughter sweeping the nation. This Weiner is cooked.
After kicking my way through the crap posted by the right wingers here I have to stop and remind myself that: Each and every time a right winger/republican tries to describe a Liberal/Democrat/ he always.............ALWAYS describes himself. You morons are the perverts, thieves, etc. decribed in your own writing.
Ahhhhhh! The always clever; "I know you are but what am I?" come-back. Gosh, how can you expect us simple conservatives to ever hope to keep up with this sort of thing?! Next thing I guess, you'll slap us with "I'm rubber, you're glue...." God help us if that happens.
Well it doesn't help that so often when cons accuse others of lying, they themselves are lying. It doesn't help that while they are bloviating about Wiener possibly sending a naughty pic (that never got received by the alleged recipient who said there' s nothing inappropriate between them), conservatives have adulterers and clients of prostitutes among you. many of whom were re-elected even after this came to light. If you guys really want a defense against this, perhaps try to be less a bunch of lying hypocrites.
I see what you mean! You are referring to people like John Edwards, Charlie Rangel, Ted Kennedy, Eliot Spitzer, Marion Barry, Rod Blagojevich, Anthony Weiner etc.? More?
A simple question for left-wingers: has there every been a conservative activist who exposed the misdeeds of a liberal and WASN'T a hack, pervert, hate-filled fundie or greedy opportunist? Any? Can you think of a single right-winger who made your political brethren look even the tiniest bit flawed who wasn't dumb or evil?
That's the problem. So many of the "scandals" the right has "exposed" need up being a pack of lies designed to take down some person of institution on the left in order to cement more power for the right, that even if one of them does pan out into something true, it never looks credible. Not to say that no Democrat has ever been involved in a legitimate scandal: Jefferson, Massey and Torricelli come to mind Problem is these scandals come to light on their own and Democrats generally handle them much differently then the GOP. In short, you guys just lie to too much.
"Democrats generally handle them much differently then the GOP. " Yes, we know. Now, after days of lying and people like you making excuses, he has confessed. And, how is it that you will handle this? Will democrats insist he resign? HELL NO! You will excuse it and reelect him. Just like that fellow in Connecticut who claimed to be a Vietnam war veteran or so many other slime-balls that have a "D" next to their name.
Nope. Not a single one. Which is why I moved to the left. The right is so full of corruption and "do as I say, not as I do" that it became disgusting to me. Like in the case of Clinton - yeah, he was a perv, but the guys going after him, pointing out how disgusting HE was, were going home night after night to their mistresses.
They were? Which ones?
Good question, bob789. pflickner moved to the left because he's one who perpetuates and makes up lies about conservatives and Republicans whenever the left needs to get themselves out of something they got themselves into. Truth be known, he was already a leftist and lying about that, too. Where's the proof about the mistresses and what other leftist made that claim in the first place for pflickner to repeat it? The left has a nasty habit of sticking up for each other, knowing that the offender is guilty and then they accuse the right of doing the same dirty deed in hopes of settling the score. It's a playground tactic that spoiled children use and they're allowed to run the country???!!! What nerve for any leftist on this board to call conservatives liars when lying and cheating is the only way leftists (including so-called Republicans who vote left) can get elected.
So come on, TSG. why not be fair and investigate why Anthony Weiner is being so vague with all this and why he doesn't want the FBI involved. We'd like to know what he's hiding.
Because his past is already on the public record since he was elected to congress. Hey! Did you know that Clinton once got a blowjob from an intern? I know! Scandalous! See? It's not interesting stating what everyone already knows. The "liberal media" is frustrated that Weiner's being so evasive. Those "liberal shill" reporters couldn't get anything out of him and were very suspicious. There must be a cover-up herp derp.
Naw. They already know it was a setup. They just don't (and I don't) understand why he just doesn't say he didn't do it, unless he's concerned because he said that before. And usually when you are evasive, it's because you did it.
So how does digging up irrelevant sh*t on some loser from NJ constitute a "smoking gun"? Has TSG now become the twitter gossip rag? This "story" has about as many teeth as my 98 year old granny!
I'd bet anything that Stack nor "Wolfe" are Republicans much less Conservatives. They're probably both Democrat operatives. Nice try with trying to prop up the ultra liberal Weiner. We're not buying what you're selling....
Democrat operatives? Readjust your tin hat brother.
Good point. Democratic operatives and liberals are feverishly trying to spin this as unimportant, irrelevant and a hacking instance, though a felony, surely not worth investigating.
And Bill O'Reilly calling up interns in the middle of the night jerkin the gherkin with a dildo up his arse was a plant too? That's MUST be why he paid out millions to keep the tapes safely locked up in the Mackris' lawyers' office.
Dumb comeback Hank...just plain dumb. Unlike Weiner (and at one time Edwards) O'Reilly is not an elected representative of the United States of America. Big difference. O'Reilly does not have power over my tax dollars or nukes. He represents no one but himself and FOX. Your arguments are weak and baseless as are most liberals feeble attempts. I fear for our country because of people like you Hank, although you're probably a pretty nice guy...just not too bright.
O'Reilly may not be an elected official but he does have a large number of viewers and he does affect public policy and even who gets elected by influencing the electorate. I agree that O'Reilly's sexual indiscretions are not apples to apples with Elected officials but I wouldn't dismiss the fact that O'Reilly is political. I also think it's worth pointing out that O'Reilly is a conservative pushing attacks against Democrats when he's guilty of the things he's accusing others of participating in.. worse in fact. Assuming Weiner, a smart guy, was guilty of sending a pic of his junk in undies to some seemingly random college student.. there has been no claim that this was unwanted (she states she's never met Weiner and doesn't believe he sent this). In O'Reilly's case, he was accused of sexual harassment and he settled, reportedly for millions, after clips of very damning tapes emerged. P.S. For more hilarity, look up Culture-Warrior Bill O'Reilly's older works.. the soft-core porn novels he wrote.
Yea I would agree, that was a completely moronic comeback by Hank. It was unrelated and plain stupid. Hank needs to think a little longer before he makes another post. Also, why isn't TSG posting stuff about our faithful elected official Weiner? Isn't that the real story here? Who cares about some loser that pointed out the fact that Weiner is a pervert. The fact still remains that Weiner is a pervert and has a lot of explaining to do. I am afraid TSG is just like most of the liberal media in trying to cover up the Democrats (socialists) misdeeds and misconduct.
Looks like someone here doesn't know what socialism is.
Dork. YOU don't know what socialism is. Look it up. It's in the dictionary. You guys love to use that term to describe liberals yet have no clue what it actually is. You just repeat what you're told to repeat.
Looks like we have a stalker. Have you registered with the appropriate local authorities?
-bend the wire- Why do all you wingers cry like little girls when your half-ass dirty tricks blow up in your faces? It couldn't be the fault of a couple of emotionally stunted losers like Wolfe and Stack. No it's the "librul" TSG's fault. They made Dan Wolfe scurry like a cockroach. Too fing funny.
Once again you are clueless. I know you libs are experts on "dirty tricks", but I don't understand what you're referring to, and what blew up in who's face? The article is about a guy, who may be a scumbag, but he dug up dirt on Weiner and Weiner isn't denying it. Weiner's actions speak for themselves. He's busted and freaking out (too f'ing funny, to use your words). What "dirty trick" was pulled on John Edwards to get him indicted today for being the biggest scumbag in the history of scumbags? Sorry...can't blame this on anybody but Weiner the scumbag and Edwards the scumbag. Maybe they will one day grow a pair, become men and take responsibility. Unfortunately it sounds like you look up to them as role models. Sad. And I never put TSG at fault...just pointing out their liberal slant in reporting a story which is glaringly obvious to anyone with a brain. The point of their story was an obvious attempt to deflect blame from Weiner, since there is no indictment of anyone in the story.
He's talking about things like the huge list of anti-gay "family values" politicians who were caught diddling boys. Any time anyone says anything bad about conservatives, it MUST be a conspiracy against them and planted by a liberal shill! If the media were truly as liberal as you say, and trying to cover up "socialist" misdeeds, than why has there been a media circus over Weinergate and John Edwards? Liberal politicians do have scandals, but rarely are they as deliciously ironic or hypocritical as most conservative scandals. Like preaching christian family values while you carry on an extramariatal affair and have a love-child. Because that's exactly what Mark Sanford did. I thought he was supposed to be better than John Edwards. Do you know any words other than "scumbag"? What a vibrant vocabulary you have! Not putting them to fault, eh? Because that seems like exactly what you're doing by talking about a liberal slant as a bad thing. That's another conservative tactic "Now, I'm not saying this, except I totally am." Bill O'Reilley is relevant because he preaches "traditional Christian family values" and then sexually harasses an intern. That's hypocritical. A conservative avenger who looks at porn and calls himself a pervert is hypocritical. My local congressman just charged the state thousands of dollars for Lincoln Navigators and then sent them back because he "didn't like the interior". Do I blame republicans for that? No. I'm pissed at him.
"than why has there been a media circus over Weinergate?" Because Weiner had the audacity to call a liberal reporter from CNN a "jackass" when asked a simple straight forward question.
What's Edwards got to do with two unstable dirtball losers stalking Weiner? Are you sure you are not one of them? Sounds like you have a really unhealthy interest in all of this.
your the one commenting so much dude?
Hank, as if you don't? You're posting about it just as much.
Just trying to illustrate the point that you libs try to blame everyone else for your shortcomings. You tried to blame Weiner's tweets on someone else when he clearly was at fault. I was just fishing to see how you would cover for the other scumbag Edwards who just happened to be indicted today. You guys almost made him president...that's scary stuff.
And all you're doing is blaming liberals for all your shortcomings. What happened to personal responsibility? John Edwards was no where near making it to a presidency. He was close to making it to VICE president.
If he's got so many people making money for him, then why's he in so much financial trouble?
TSG has alway shown a liberal slant. This article shows their typical liberal Democrat MO: If you break the law or are discovered as sick freak scumbag, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE RESPONSIBLITY! Blame the person who reported you, blame Republicans, blame FOX news, call everyone a racist, deny it, repeat the phrase "I do not recall" anything but be honest and take responsiblity. Liberals and democrats make me sick. TSG is just another liberal shill.