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FBI Busts Man Duped In Facebook Ploy

Former wife posed as 17-year-old in online scheme

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Ex Tracked By GPS

6/9 UPDATE: Judge dismisses charges against David Voelkert

JUNE 7--Embroiled in a contentious child custody fight, an Indiana woman decided last month to pose on Facebook as a comely teenage girl in a bid to surreptitiously extract damaging information from her ex-husband.

The scheme proved so successful, in fact, that FBI agents last Friday arrested Angela Voelkert’s former spouse on a felony charge for allegedly installing a listening device in her vehicle, according to court records.

Voelkert’s Facebook plot--detailed by FBI Agent Robert Dane in a sworn affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in South Bend--began in late-May when she opened a Facebook account in the name of “Jessica Studebaker.”

The purported 17-year-old’s profile--which remains online, but locked--includes the photo of “Studebaker” seen at right. The true identity of the girl seen in the photo is unknown, nor is it clear where Voelkert got the image.

Voelkert, 29, used the bogus Facebook profile to “friend” her former husband David, 38. Angela Voelkert then asked a pal to e-mail her former spouse through the Facebook account since she was concerned that he might recognize her “style of writing.” Voelkert though, Dane noted, “monitored the emails on ‘Jessica Studebaker’s’ Facebook account.”

Within days of becoming friends, David Voelkert began exchanging Facebook messages with “Studebaker,” telling the teen about his children and Angela. On May 26, Voelkert wrote that he had sold his business and “planned to move somewhere warm with his kids, that he was still going to his next court dates, and would take off soon after.”

Voelkert, the affidavit notes, runs a South Bend business that sells and installs sophisticated video and audio equipment, and counts police departments among its customers. A check of Voelkert’s Facebook page this afternoon shows that “Studebaker” remains among his 153 friends.

In a May 31 Facebook message, Voelkert, pictured at left, told “Studebaker” that he had secretly installed a GPS tracker in his wife’s van and was using the device to monitor her movements. He “went on to discuss what kind of trouble that they could get in for doing this,” and asked the teenager to “delete the message so there is no trace of talking about it,” Dane reported.

Along with disclosing that he planned to flee with his children in early-June, Voelkert wrote that he was “going to find someone to take care of her and now it will be easier because I know where she is at all times.” He then added, “you should find someone at your school, there should be some gang bangers there that would put a cap in her ass for $10,000. I am just done with her crap!”

In a subsequent message, Voelkert stated, “With me gone with my kids, the police can’t pin anything on me as I will be in another state, so I will be fine.” Voelkert has not been charged with plotting to harm his wife.

Busted Friday, Voelkert appeared yesterday in federal court, where a judge scheduled a detention hearing for this Thursday. Since he is locked up in the St. Joseph County Jail, Voelkert will have to seek to reschedule a Superior Court hearing scheduled for tomorrow in his child custody case. (6 pages)

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Sounds like the parents are both idiots and the courts should be looking for a sane place for the kids, not necessarily with the relatives posting here. How sad to air all the dirty laundry here and use the comments section as a forum to prove how pathetic both are.
I think y'all are nuts for even responding to something so juvenile in the first place (as far as the people who know those involved are concerned). Both parents should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves for making public light out of a personal matter that has to be played out in court as it is. Those kids are the only ones being hurt innocently right now. Angela is bringing some unknowing and innocent teenager (whose picture she used) into her personal dramal. Delete that picture and leave that unknown girl out of this mess. Take it back to court where it should be dealt with, with some sort of authority figure (the judge) to be able to scold these two parents for being selfish and childish people. LIfe is too short. If you're not willing to be together anymore, just end it and get it over with. No good is going to come from sneaking around and fighting constantly.
Gamblinbug I agree, let's tell the WHOLE TRUTH! How about checking out Indiana Department of Corrections and looking up David Voelkert. It's all a matter of public record, you just need to know where to look. David is a slime ball who only cares about himself and manipulating others. He destroys everything he touches. The only people who are defending him are his family members who continue to lie for him and clean up his messes. Angela did nothing wrong, unless protecting your kids form a psycopath is wrong!
Was that her picture she posted? NO! Is she 17? NO! Did she use her real name? NO! Is all of that against the Terms of Service posted by FaceBook? YES! Did she pose as the girl shown in the photo without that persons permission? YES! Are all of these actions illegal? YES! So, just from actions alone, it would appear that this woman, whomever she is, broke the law multiple times. This woman appears to have committed identity theft and perhaps is guilty of cyber-stalking. None of this seems to be the actions of a sane person. If, and you must notice I say "if" it is true the man in this story told persons before his arrest that he knew it was his wife, then why was he arrested and not his estranged wife? I do not believe the TSG report as stated and have an idea this is a planted story to create some kind of "drama" on a slow news day. There is the chance it is real and most of these comments are being created by Jerry Springer Show rejects :-).
Exactly! Thank you. All charges have been dropped & he is released. You can see that at his Facebook.
Wow, didn't take long for Angela to get here. Sorry, but your ploys won't work anymore. The tables have turned. I hear tell there's a warrant in the wings for you. Oh, and a needed mental evaluation. Ya, he's so terrible you were married to him for 8 years until you cheated on him, again. Will the real psychopath please stand up.
to davids sister u need to keep your mouth shut about angela and stay out of it, if he was any kind of man at all not only would he know how to be a father he would also know how to treat a woman and be a good husband. whats this now his 2nd marriage that hes messed up on. oh and as for the other person bad mouthin angela u really need to go back to school and learn how to spell and use proper grammar!!!!!!!!
i agree with gamblinbug, now as far as the kids go, yeah they need a father in there lives but only a man that knows how to be a father and not a very pathetic sperm doner like david. In my eyes when it comes to those kids thats all he is. Now as a person, he is a liar, low life, that needs to leave angela and her name out of his mouth. Angela has done nothing wrong and is the best mom in the world. David is the one thats putting those kids through hell. Angela dawn u keep up the good work girl.
On a more worthy note: Yourtime-s Comin is saying hertime-s comin if he is what he is and she is what she is? He needs to stick with doing for the kids for if he is pertinent on this; one or more of the kids will grow up seeing whom is the better parent and hope it is him because kids like this turn our better with dad in the picture. Know....been there done that. Hang in there man your kids need you more than the world does.. And this too needs to be said. If they both are not careful, the judge could say no to both of them and give the kids to a stranger or worse.
David is a NUT JOB!!!!!!! if anyone that knows him they would know this. Living around him for years is a job in itself, none of the people that live around him can stand him. You look at him and all you see is trouble.congrats to his ex wife for standing up for herself!
What's to say she didn't know his password to get into facebook and logged in and responded to this fake facebook account making all of those statements posing as him. I'm sure the FBI has looked into it but facebook should be able to tell where the account was logged into when the messages were sent. Just saying.
Isnt posting a fake facebook account against the TOS for facebook? Isnt using the girls picture without an models release considered identity theft? why have these questions not been raised? How can there be a chain of evidence with the tracking device if it was not removed by the police or FBI? What is not being told in this story? If any of this is true and the Feds arrested him for the tracking device, why did not they arrest him for being a sexual predator after all she is only 17, right? Come clean TSG, what is the real story or do you even know it?
You are either an idiot, or someone who's been awake too long while drinking Yoo-Hoo. Please unplug and go away now.
Why or how so many feel safe and secure posting their private life and info on an internet virtual billboard is beyond comprehension.
If you have nothing to hide why hide nothing.
Sounds like a contentious divorce. If he was told to ignore her and not "egg her on", he should've followed the advice. I don't know either of them but, he brought this on all by himself. The only victims here are the children.
I think your a big fat liar and you know the woman. That's why your taking her side. Liar.
if you dont know them how would you know he was told to ignore her or she egg him on cause she wants all parental right taking away from him?????? wich she has ben doing from start
Ugh...that information was given with the links to the article...didn't you read them? Wow, this is a whole lot of nutty stuff...I mean all the way through the comments even.
It's Angela that should be up on charges, not David. He has paperwork to back up his statements and told many many people that the impostor was his ex wife. HE KNEW!! He told me as well. When the children mature, they will see the true monster here. David, just hang on for the ride she is giving you. The truth will come out in the end. Angela, it's time to grow up and stop playing games. Your thinking about your anger because of your situation with your ex. You need to put all of that energy into those 4 babies and allow David to be the wonderful father that he truly is. Most men would have walked away by now. David loves those kids and this is all in your attempt to keep him from them. STOP THE GAMES!
Are you serious? The man was plotting to off the woman. And this supposed affidavit that he signed saying he knew it was her...ok so he knew it was her, was told not to either be bothered with or not to pester her so he decided to plan her murder instead? That was how he ignored her? Ugh, what???? If he knew it was her why would he give her that kind of ammunition. This is a really freaking weird story...even for the smoking gun. And when you say he loves his kids did you mean because when he was saying he was going to kill her he didn't want the proposed gang-bangers from the school to do it in front of them? Yeah, wow, that sure constitutes a thoughtful dad...yikes. I'm with the earlier poster who said this Angela chick might be nutty...maybe a total pain in the behind or even mean...but this David guy is over-the-top crazy...sorry, but there's just no way what he was doing was good or funny or anything other than nuts.
I do agree 100 percent set up after just trying to loose all davids rights as a fater and lost in court so had to try to impose to be someone to scam his leagel rights as a father because judge would not take away his rights
LOL, yeah well I'd say he gave her plenty of evidence when he was talking about paying someone $10k to kill her...holy smokers. What is wrong with you people...why are you completely avoiding the elephant in the middle of the room? He was posting about off'ing this Angela chick...hellooooooo McFly.
the kind of moron who wants to see his kids and his ex wife trys anything in her power to take away his rights and new along it was his wife imposing to be someone else she schould get somthing done to her for being an imposter he knew he was talking to her so yeh people dont know whole story
lol ugh...another person missing the guy saying he was going to off the gosh, this is just retarded stuff.
Lets just see if the rest of this story comes out, and how the feds handle this complex case. Will they do their job or will they just railroad him through the courts?
Wow, how about telling the WHOLE story. I'm his sister and he knew all along that it was his ex; he told us from day 1. He even has a signed, notarized affidavit stating that he knew it was his ex posing as the girl. He was advised to not respond or egg it on, but he was hoping to finally show the court proof of all her antics. I could go into much more detail, but whoever wrote this story needs to go back to Dane and ask him about the signed affidavit stating that David knew it was all fake. The "girl" also tried to friend request my husband and daughter. OMG Angela, think about what you're doing to the kids.'re his sister huh? Well then maybe you can explain why, if he did know it was her, he would tell her he was planning to kill her off. I mean if he was told to leave her alone and they had a really contentious relationship how was him doing that supposed to help him? And please don't tell me he thought it was funny...because then I'm going to have to ask you how many times he was hit in the head with a brick when you all were kids. Her antics? She probably had no idea when she started the whole thing he was going to be plotting her murder with her on the farm on that one. Now if she was using that whole facebook thing to get people to think he was some kind of pedophile (the supposed girl was 17 right?) then yeah...that would be an awful thing for her to do to him and she should be charged. But no matter her reason (at this point) she was trying to get some 'info' on your brother...he started talking about killing her off. As his sister you mean to tell me that doesn't disturb you in the slightest? Wow, this is one crazy story. Next time I head out east I'm going to make sure I drive as far out of range of MI as I can get. Well the one thing I will agree with you on is the kids...everyone should be thinking of those poor children...and the courts should read these postings by the whole lot of you and take them away from everyone as far as they can manage.
If this is true, why did he get busted for the tracking device? I didn;t see where you denied that he installed it. If he didn't, then the governments case is moot. YOu can't convicted for lying about installing one. If he did, then told his wife he presumably KNEW was this fake profile, then he's doubly stupid for telling her! One way or another, we're not getting the full story here. That being said, I find that like tends to flock to like, and that both hubby and wifey are probably equally douche-bags...regardless of how much they love their kids.
He got busted for the GPS based on the (fake) facebook statements and that Angela claims her brother found one in her van. Read the agent's affidavit on this site. It says Angela's brother found and removed the device, not the FBI. Why would he install it and then knowing it was her on facebook, tell her about it. Also, why would he install it on the driver's side windshield in plain sight? She never noticed this? You're right, I did state that I didn't mention every detail, it would take too long. However, we just called Smoking Gun and faxed them David's affidavit. So we'll see if they update the story and post it.
So David wrote an affidavit swearing that he knew it was a fake facebook page the entire time. Anyone can swear under oath to anything. Seems to me if he knew it was her the entire time he would not have said what he did and gained himself some time in jail, and if he did he's an even bigger idiot than anyone who know's him realizes! And the FBI doesn't just randomly arrest people without a reason. Obviously they had reason to believe his threats and just because they don't have enough evidence to maintain the charges doesn't mean he didn't commit a crime! Seems to me everyone on here who knows him other than his family describe him as a low life piece of crap father. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck......
Fax the affidavit to TSG so they can show it. After all, that's what they do. If it exists, it DOES make the story much more interesting. And it acquits your brother from being a moron.
Lowering him to goofball status.
i second that!
The children of the feuding parents are the true victims here.The ex-wife might seem clever to have done what she did on Facebook, but I wonder if she could be charged with using a false alias or at least have that brought up in the ex-husband's defense.
soooo when does she turn 18?
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were just joking when you said that, but only a liberal would post that comment and think nothing was sordid about it.
That's the lamest doubt benefit I've ever seen anyone given.
Yeah it was a joke. It's a fictitious person.
It's a real picture of a real person.....a young girl at that. But, I'm not saying you're a perv...just saying you probably didn't see anything wrong with joking like that because you're a liberal.
It doesn't really sound like you're giving him the benefit of the doubt.
Not the sharpest tool in the shed.
What a guy. Not too bright though. He should have emailed her a photo of his penis.
Yeah and been done with it. What kind of moron puts death threats in a Facebook message? That kind.
I agree especially to someone they don't even know. That sounds fishy to me. I'm wondering if it wasn't the wife who logged into facebook as him to fully set him up.
I have to agree with you. Especially since there are no other details. I find it very difficult to believe that someone would just randomly "friend" some underage girl they dont know then discuss intimate details about their marriage, relationship with his wife, court information, and then ask her to find some "gang bangers" to murder his wife. This would be believable only if they had talked for weeks or months, he became infatuated with her or started some sort of relationship with her and of course I'm sure that would be part of the story but since its not discussed you have to assume it didnt happen.