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"Mayor" Alec Baldwin Not Even Gotham Voter

Before 2013 race, actor should update registration

Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin Voting Record

JUNE 8--In light of the Anthony Weiner disaster, actor Alec Baldwin is reportedly considering running for mayor of New York City now that the disgraced congressman/mayoral wannabe has apparently been mortally wounded by “Weinergate."

However, before forming that exploratory committee for the 2013 campaign to succeed Michael Bloomberg, the 53-year-old entertainer may want to consider actually registering to vote in the Big Apple.

Elections records show that Baldwin is currently registered to vote in Suffolk County, where he owns a secluded spread in tony Amagansett in the Town of East Hampton (about 100 miles from City Hall). Baldwin and Kim Basinger, then his wife, purchased the Hamptons property (seen at right) in 1996.

Board of Elections records show that Alexander R. Baldwin first registered to vote in September 1991 from a prior East Hampton address. He changed his registration to the Amagansett property in 1997. An elections board representative told TSG that, prior to 1991, Baldwin was registered to vote in California.

Baldwin, a voting history reveals, has voted 21 times since 1991, casting a ballot in every November general election (except 2009). Of those votes, Baldwin cast 15 via absentee ballot.

In a 1989 chat with Interview magazine, Baldwin explained that he changed his “legal residency” to Amagansett as part of a tax avoidance strategy. “I didn't want to pay any New York City income taxes, and not just because I wanted to save the money,” said Baldwin. “I thought, ‘Why should I pay another set of taxes to a government that isn't doing what I want it to do with the money?’”

During that interview--which took place during the Democratic primary race between incumbent Mayor Ed Koch and challenger David Dinkins--Baldwin claimed, “If Ed Koch gets reelected, I'm gonna move. Seriously.” Dinkins defeated Koch, sparing Baldwin exile from the city whose taxes he had schemed to avoid paying. (2 pages)

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just because they are a success in hollywood, does not mean they understand real life, and they usually don't keep their word... we need people of integrity, but they don't want to deal with the slime infesting politics...
Yet another Lib who wants to raise taxes on everybody else, but tries to dodge them. Vote for this schizo who said he would leave the country and didn't. See what you end up with. Have wallet handy.
It's doesn't matter where he lives. New York democrats will vote for anybody with a famous name. Hillary Clinton comes to mind.
I think you mean New York Democrats will vote for anybody who's a liberal. That's how RINO Mayor Bloomberg got elected.
Ah, Splendid! As if California isn't screwed up enough already with democrat Hollywood activism, now New York is in their cross hairs. I knew there was a plus to living in fly over country.
Shouldn't we be congratulating TSG for reporting something negative about a Democrat? How refreshing! But, they could just be doing it because they have a better Democrat candidate in mind.
I hope he decides to get in the race so I can make the threat that if he wins I will move out of NY. Like hell I will, the jerk could win if he ran for dog catcher.
I seriously doubt Baldwin could win. He's arrogant and nasty and definitely looks the part. He'd be screaming at people, calling them 'little pigs' if they didn't please him and he'd have them 'stoned to death along with their wives and children'. The man seems schizo. He looks like someone could stick a pin in him and his body would deflate and hopefully, his ego too.
I think Truthbearer should run for president. Since in all of his post he seems to have all the right answers to solve everyone's problems.
Hillary wasn't registered to vote in NY either, but she became a resident and registered in enough time to be elected. Alex is pissed about the taxes to Hollywood and actors, that is all he wants to change. He could get a damn about the people or anything else.
Interesting how these Hollywood Liberals think the 40k a year working folks should pay more taxes, yet they move their movie and TV productions to other states and countries to avoid paying taxes.
I wish these Baldwins would just go away. Not great actors and more than likely useless Mayors.
Is he still here? I thought he promised to leave after the Bush thing... obviously someone who can't keep his word. But it's not too late, Alec!