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Indiana Man In Saggy Pants Bust

Suspect, 21, told police he “was just swagging”

Saggy pants

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Swagging Arrest Report

AUGUST 18--An Indiana man was arrested last night after cops spotted him with his pants “pulled down to his knees” and his boxer shorts exposed.

Demetrius Russ, 21, was sitting on top of an electrical box talking on his phone when approached by cop Daniel Green. According to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report, after Russ ignored Green’s repeated requests to provide ID, he announced, “You can’t ask me for shit.” Green reported telling Russ that he was “sitting on private property with his pants pulled down on top of an electrical box.”

Russ’s perch can be seen in this Google Street View photo.

When Green asked why his pants were so droopy, Russ noted that he “was just swagging.” The officer replied that, “swagging did not involve exposing your genitals through your boxers because your pants were pulled down all the way.” The term “swagging” generally refers to getting your drink on.

During his interaction with Green, a “belligerent” Russ allegedly cursed frequently and called the cop “nigga and muthafucker on several occasions.” While police contended that Russ appeared drunk, he claimed to have only consumed “one 40 ounce.”

Russ, pictured in the above mug shot, was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, since Indiana’s criminal codes apparently have yet to codify the offense of having one’s pants on the ground. (2 pages)

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Mom...not to's a proven fact that guys that do this are trying to distract people's (primarily girl's) attention from the fact they are not very well endowed below the belt...if you catch my it's not very likely they'd have enough 'fall out' to be seen ;-)
Actually, I know where this originated and if these kids knew, they wouldn't be doing it. PAY ATTENTION: This originated in prison. It IS a sign to other inmates that you are available. It became a gang thing when they were released and it just became this trend that most people who wear them like that don't have a clue what it really means. TELL YOUR KIDS this and they'll NEVER wear it that way again...unless, of course, they are trying to let someone know they are available, if you know what I mean. DISGUSTING!!!!!
I think they should have shot him right in the head...there is no doubt that he is worthless to humanity...
i would appreciate it when people keep their pants on in public. I don't care what race they are. Those boxers do have a slit which would be an issue he the person sat or bent down....obvious draft. My children don't need that. a mom
What everyone is failing to realize, is this is a complete waste of taxpayer money. was anything resolved in this matter?? Seriously why is this a law? do the citizens of Indiana sleep better knowing everybody's pants have to be up? It's not public nudity. I would rather the cop focus on putting away the dangerous people
Nobody cares that a citizen was stopped, questioned, and eventually arrested by the police while not doing anything wrong? Sitting outside a private residence gets you a ride downtown? If the police showed up in my yard and started interrogating me, you had better believe he would get a profanity laced earful too. I have no doubt the "exposed genitals" was a fabrication from the police just to justify the encounter.
Nope; that would not provide an opportunity to snark and act superior.
This loser finally got a taste of the good life. What a useless piece of garbage, living off the government dole, sitting around doing nothing all day showing off what nobody cares about. This seems to be a disease started by the *** among us.
his punishment should consist of wearing a snug pair of plaid pants Urkel-style for a year
"swagging"? That must mean pulling down ones pants to look available to homosexual men. It is soooo gay looking! Cocky *** needed a little humbling and he got it.
So why would anyone want to sport this style? It is my understanding that this practice has its origins in prisons where male inmates use it to advertise their availability for sexual liasions to fellow inmates. Ugh!
He was advertising!Pop a plug!
I hope the officer let him wipe first.
"Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Lookin' like to fool with your pants on the ground. Hat turned sideways, gold in your teeth. Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground." - General Larry Platt
Just another example of a thug getting what he deserves.
I LOVE IT when smart asses get their comeuppance.
He's a loser and has nothing to show for his pathetic life except his black ass.
He showed his ass, alright!