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Man Tried To Steal Cars From Jail Parking Lot

Suspect was freed from custody minutes earlier

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LOL Auto Burglary

JULY 3--Minutes after being released from custody, a Florida Man sought to steal numerous vehicles in a jail parking lot because he needed wheels “to use for transportation,” according to a criminal complaint.

Dennis Libonati, 68, was freed Monday evening from the jail in Land O’ Lakes after his sentencing earlier in the day for battery. Libonati pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to 265 days of probation and ordered to attend an anger management class.

Libonati had been locked up since his arrest in mid-March. The court complaint refers to the jail as the “LOL Detention facility.”

According to police, upon Libonati’s release around 10:30 PM, he entered a restricted area of the jail parking lot and attempted to enter 26 vehicles, all of which were locked.

Surveillance cameras recorded Libonati “accessing” the bed of a pickup truck used by the sheriff’s office, and he was also spotted “spending several minutes” at a Kawasaki Mule ATV used by deputies.

When cops confronted Libonati in the parking lot, he reportedly confessed to attempting entry into the vehicles “with the intent to steal one to use for transportation.” He also admitted trying to “hot wire” the ATV, cops say.

Libonati, who is listed in court records as being retired and living in Homosassa on Florida’s Gulf Coast, was charged with 27 auto burglary counts and a single grand larceny rap. He is also facing a probation violation count.  

Libonati was returned early yesterday to the “LOL Detention facility.” (2 pages)