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Girls Busted For Phony Facebook Pages

Cops: Lewd profiles targeted former high school friend


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Fake Facebook Stalking

JANUARY 13--Two Florida girls are facing cyberstalking charges for allegedly creating a fake Facebook profile in the name of a fellow high school student and placing obscene photos on the page, including one showing their classmate’s head atop the body of a “nude prepubescent girl’s body,” according to investigators.

When deputies with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office last month interviewed one of the suspects, Taylor Wynn, 16, she admitted creating two fake Facebook pages “as a joke because she thought it would be funny.” Wynn said she was once friends with the unnamed victim, “but they do not like each other now.”

Wynn told probers that a second girl, McKenzie Barker, 15, created the image showing the victim’s head atop the naked body. Wynn reportedly copped to placing a photo of an adult male’s erect penis “by the victim’s face,” according to a sheriff’s report.

Wynn (left) and Barker are pictured in the above mug shots. They were arrested this week and each charged with a felony count of aggravated stalking of a minor under 16.

The duo attends Estero High School along with the victim, who told a deputy that she had been subjected to “numerous incidents of teasing and ridicule” as a result of the Facebook hoax. One of the fake pages, which listed 181 friends, included an assortment of disparaging comments, including an “About Me” claim that, “As you may know, I am a huge whore. I love dick so much.”

Investigators, who learned of the existence of the phony Facebook profiles in late-April, used search warrants and subpoenas to link their creation to Wynn (via an IP address that led back to an Internet service account in her mother Heather’s name).

A pair of investigators interviewed Wynn last month in her mother’s presence at the family’s Estero home. When Heather Wynn asked her daughter “what made her hate the victim so much that she would do something so mean,” cops reported, the teenager replied, “Because nobody liked her.” The teen “added she thought it would be a funny joke.” (3 pages)

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What if the victim tries to get a job in the future and a search by the employer brings up this facebook profile, goggle image search, would she still get the job? I think they should be banned from touching a computer for the term of their punishment also....
I agree what those girls did is bad. But felony charges, come on that's a little steep don't ya think ? lets ruin the lives of those girls by starting them of in life with a felony record, yet that's smart.
Could they be charged with posting child pornography since they posted a picture of a "nude prebubescent" girl?
Surely if we can give a free pass to and make a star of Ted Williams after abandoning his 9 children, being a thief, pimp and scum you folks ought to have no problem whatsoever giving these girls "a second chance". I think they should get their own reality show and a record deal.
Typical liberal dreck. Who's Ted Williams?
I'm a conservative sparky. You aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer are you?
Ted Williams is the drunk crackhead with a voice of gold, that was caught pissing in a flower bed at a tire store. He was given a job last week to do a voice over for a Kraft Cheese commercial, but he has since been arrested for fighting with his daughter in a hotel room and has now admitted he is not sober. Dr. Phil is putting him in rehab.
He and his daughter were questioned, but no arrests were made.
So why did left-leaning Redrover give him a pass and make him a star?
It's times like this that I understand why liberals call conservatives stupid. I'm a conservative...... you are my inbred cousin.
I agree spidercat. This country has looked past a president that didn't "inhale" and a cigar fetesh, a president that got a DUI and now we have a president that wasn't even born in this country. I think these girls should get a second chance, who knows they might be a future president.
It's interesting who people approve or disapprove of now isn't it?
If you are serious with this post, then you need to tell your doctor to increase the strength of you meds. You are losing it.
You're not especially clever?
I guess if "clever" means spending all day, every day, adding stupid comments to TSG stories than no, he isn't.
I remember you now! You were one of those that was all over that teacher for throwing that punk under the bus for having a marker in school. I know you don't keep up so well so just for the record..... the teacher was cleared and the entire school system backed her up. Now, don't let me keep you from your sister.
teens don't need facebook accounts for ***s sake. if you have a kid, keep them off of social networks. its fairly easy to do. and teach your kids not to be little pieces of shiat. problem solved.
>> if you have a kid, keep them off of social networks. its fairly easy to do. Uh, right. You know how easy it is for them to gain access to the internet outside your home? Friends' houses, library, school... They can get on even if they have a WiFi enabled device like an iPod Touch. It's almost impossible to keep them off a social network if they're determined to get on.
This is a boring story. Media must be hurting for some good gossip stories these days. Borrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!
I find it amazing that some of you are saying how inappropriate it is for these two losers to be charged and have their faces posted on the internet. Oh, it is VERY appropriate. They found some girl who "nobody likes her" and then made the situation worse for the poor kid. This is the kind of stuff that leads a teen to commit suicide. Very serious stuff here. They posted this other girls face as a porn shot, let their own faces be shown for what they have done. What's wrong with that? Are they ashamed of their actions? While I don't agree with a felony charge for some stupid teenage behavior, I do agree with them being held accountable in a public manner.
Dan, you are right on with your comment. Some people in this world, in particular on this website show what sick, mal-adjusted bas**rds they are with their comments in trying to justify these two girls and their actions.
Franco-communist...I can tell your perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“nude prepubescent girl’s body” and a "adult male’s erect penis". MultiCultist, You find nothing wrong with anyone publishing a manufactured image of someone else, insinuating they are engaging in child molestation? I mean...that's really o.k. with you? But then, to have the audacity to put a political spin on this. Thank God for prisons. Don't quit your day job to become a defense lawyer. You will starve (if you aren't starving already).These two young idiots deserve everything the law says should happen to them as a consequence. They knew exactly what they were doing by smearing the other girl's reputation. If you are engaging in such a practice as child molestation, it is only a matter of time before you are busted.
Well, she is right about one thing...this IS funny.....Now.
Cyber Bulling Is A Crime
But why ? Because we live in a nanny state where people aren't encouraged to stand up for themselves. We are teaching our children that if someone is bullying you, you're supposed to go crying to the police, instead of squaring up to them. We are rearing a nation of wimps.
Exactly how would the victim "square up" with the people attacking her? The only way the police knew was through the use of search warrants. These would not be available to the victim. The issue here is not "nanny state" (although in general I agree that we are way too nanny state oriented), the issue is lack of transparency of these actions. The anonymous nature of the web offers cover for creeps. Better that for all the postings, comments etc they be traceable through a few mouse clicks to the originator. Then you could "square up" (assuming the laws for felony assault are waved when the cyber crime occurs).
What do you consider "squaring up to them?" Doing a drive-by? Break out the knives & chains? The victim was having her reputation tarnished to a potential audience of millions, perhaps irreversibly so. If you don't think it's a big deal, then send me your name and a few pictures, and I'll create a similar Facebook page for you, and then you can see how you like it.
So, I suppose you would be happy if the victim squared up with the other two and kicked the living crap out of them? Why, so she could face felony assault charges? This is more than soemone being mean to another person. To create pictures that depict child pornography is a criminal offense. How would you feel if your child had done this or if your child was the victim?
You are just as much of an idiot as these two girls are. You cannot justify cyber-bullying. What a fool you are.
Hey Franco-idot...take my advice and shut the **ck up!!!!!!!!!!!
No doubt households ran by whore single mothers.
Cheap dye jobs, zits, and heavy make-up do not make an attractive combination.
Teenage girls mean to another teenage girl; I'm shocked! Let's make them felons, and maybe make them register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives, that will keep the next teenage girl from being mean. How about a little perspective.
Have you ever heard of having or teaching respect for yourself as well as your fellow peers? Apparently you have not judging by your dumb statements.
Jimmity, There is something you are missing in all this. Even if it were true that the girl they slandered was whoring around the town, they had no right to publish this. But especially if these were all lies they created about the girl. They deserve exactly what the law requires should happen to them, including the payment of restitution.
Jammity... you want perspective? Google "phoebe prince" ... all the perspective anyone would need in this case!
Liberal: from ArtIsStupidDotCom Definition 1: "Not limited to... authoritarian attitudes..." Definition 2: "...tolerant of the ideas and behaviors of others. Broad-minded." I'm not saying that the girls weren't wrong or shouldn't be punished. I'm saying that a felony conviction follows you for the rest of your life. Twenty years ago drawing the same picture in the bathroom would get you suspended. The technology is all that has changed. Just look at the other comments people are making about these girls they don't even know. Should they all be charged with cyber bullying? The accused are after all still minors.
There is a HUGE difference between bathroom wall graffiti and photoshopping nude pictures with teen girls faces!!! Technology has definitely changed and is being abused! I think these girls are getting exactly what they deserve. And I think both of their parents should be held responsible as well! It is our responsibility as parents to monitor our childrens activities! It doesn't end once elementary school is over and they are technically old enough to not need a babysitter! They are still children and need parents interaction, including discipline!
Well here's a fat nasty that got picked on a bunch in high school...
They're being charged with a felony. They won't get convicted of a felony. Their lawyers will have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and/or slap on the wrist.
Anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether these two degenerates were raised by single mothers with no father in the picture?
I would bet a 20 on that.
I'll double
One look at the pics and my immediate response that these girls are losers who don't care who they hurt if they think it may possibly increase their own prestige at school, which is probably at zero. They tried to embarrass someone else who and having their ugly faces plastered all over the Internet for other people to mock is absolutely appropriate. Joeblow - I'm surprised you didn't tie in anti-Palin rant to this as well. Makes as much (non) sense as one on resignations at LAPD.
she thought it would be a funny joke - LOL I'll bet this little sweet heart missed more than one Sunday School session.