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Girls Busted For Phony Facebook Pages

Cops: Lewd profiles targeted former high school friend


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Fake Facebook Stalking

JANUARY 13--Two Florida girls are facing cyberstalking charges for allegedly creating a fake Facebook profile in the name of a fellow high school student and placing obscene photos on the page, including one showing their classmate’s head atop the body of a “nude prepubescent girl’s body,” according to investigators.

When deputies with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office last month interviewed one of the suspects, Taylor Wynn, 16, she admitted creating two fake Facebook pages “as a joke because she thought it would be funny.” Wynn said she was once friends with the unnamed victim, “but they do not like each other now.”

Wynn told probers that a second girl, McKenzie Barker, 15, created the image showing the victim’s head atop the naked body. Wynn reportedly copped to placing a photo of an adult male’s erect penis “by the victim’s face,” according to a sheriff’s report.

Wynn (left) and Barker are pictured in the above mug shots. They were arrested this week and each charged with a felony count of aggravated stalking of a minor under 16.

The duo attends Estero High School along with the victim, who told a deputy that she had been subjected to “numerous incidents of teasing and ridicule” as a result of the Facebook hoax. One of the fake pages, which listed 181 friends, included an assortment of disparaging comments, including an “About Me” claim that, “As you may know, I am a huge whore. I love dick so much.”

Investigators, who learned of the existence of the phony Facebook profiles in late-April, used search warrants and subpoenas to link their creation to Wynn (via an IP address that led back to an Internet service account in her mother Heather’s name).

A pair of investigators interviewed Wynn last month in her mother’s presence at the family’s Estero home. When Heather Wynn asked her daughter “what made her hate the victim so much that she would do something so mean,” cops reported, the teenager replied, “Because nobody liked her.” The teen “added she thought it would be a funny joke.” (3 pages)

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Pull down their jeans and whip their behinds with a length of pvc pipe and put their swollen butts on facebook, bet they'll never do anything like this again!
GOOD!! They wanna act like little badasses? Send them to Juvie for 30 days and let them see what kind of monsters/upcoming gang members reside in there. They'll experience 'bullying' on a whole new level and maybe get knocked around once or twice. That will teach them to think twice about 'bullying' in their own little social circle. Kids DIE over bullying! It's not unheard of!! On top of that, ZERO social privileges for a few months - no phones, no car, no friends over - nothing. Make them as miserable as they've made that girl. Parents these days are way too lax. I was swatted on ass, grounded for a week or two at a time for any misbehavior and made to write standards! I thought long and hard before doing anything that would get me busted at home....I was no angel by any means and very glad to didn't get caught for all the things i did! (I hated my parents for it at the time, but glad for the ethics and discipline it's given me to be successful today). Bottom line: glad they're going through this - if they weren't, they'd be at school bragging about how they got away with it and it how it was no big deal and it would just inflate their 'badass' ego and give them more fuel to continue acting like egotistical biatches.
I just read through all the comments here, and some of what you guys said really pisses me off. They shouldnt be charged with a felony? Really? Why not? They committed a felony, so they should be charged with one. If an adult did this same thing, you would be all for sending them to prison. Them being a minor shouldnt deter the law. You break the law, you deserve to get punished. Its only fair. If we cut them some slack for being minors, its going to set a precedent, and that is going to lead to more and more people getting off on reduced sentences or having the charges dropped altogether. Is that what you want? To ainotna: What you said pissed me off more than any other comment on here. "If someone kills themselves over being teased in school, that just seems like survival of the fittest to me." That sounds to me like someone who never got bullied in school. Well, I was. My entire schooling, from kindergarten all the way till I graduated high school, I was bullied. It *** you up, and it *** you up big. It stays with you for the rest of your life. I have no self esteem and spend most days feeling completely worthless because of it. It gets to a point where you are afraid to go to school. You are afraid to even leave your house. I cant tell you how many times Ive wanted to end my life because of it. "but if killing yourself is the only logical answer someone can come up with then maybe the world would be better without them." Have you ever lost anyone in your life, to suicide or other means? I have. I have lost some really good friends to suicide. I dont care how *** up a person is, or how disliked, or whatever, the world is never better off after someone dies. No matter what you may think, everyone is loved for and cared about by someone, who would be devastated upon their death. Maybe you should stop being so ignorant and close-minded and think about shiat other than yourself for once. You never know, the results may surprise you.
and this is how school shootings start.....or teen suicides of kids that are picked on...if these girls don't get slammed it will be a travesty of justice!
If someone kills themselves over being teased in school, that just seems like survival of the fittest to me. Obviously, there are times where it's just so beyond the scope of normal schoolyard behavior that someone should really step in and stop it, but if killing yourself is the only logical answer someone can come up with then maybe the world would be better without them. Options, people.
So for these 2 girls in this situation getting arrested and charged, i hate to tell ya, but if they get sentenced to jail for even a few months, it will be justice served and hopefully they will realize that they arent any different that the girl they victimized. It only takes one person bigger or badder than you to put you in your place and strike fear of GOD into you.. For me, that was my father when I was a child, and it was those bigger meaner girls in juvie hall that did it for me when i was a teen wannabe badass. Send em to Prison I say!!! And when they get out, I hope the victim sues these girls and their families for slander and anything else they can. These girls need to have something that will continuously remind them of their actions so they will NOT do it again. And as for their names being released into the press.....ummmm these girls put this poor girl's life and fake pics and updates and comments on the WORLD WIDE WEBBBBBBB!!!! Even if FB takes the fake accounts down, who knows how many other people saved those pics to their hard drives to splash on the internet somewhere else in the future. This poor girls FAKE image will be on the internet for the rest of her life and beyond. Even if its fake, they put this girls head on all these pics.
What happens 40 yrs down the road if this now teenage girl's grandson goes googling his grandma and finds these pics somewhere else. Remember that once on the WEB always on the WEB. Not the same for the media. You may be big news today but by next week you will be forgotten.
Yeah, like those two were anyone special. They need to take a long look at thenselves
@skipper1946, you must be as dumb as a bag of hammers. You let you child have seven car accidents in HS? I'm trying to picture your face and your insurance bills after the fifth or sixth one... HA!
@Embee I agree with you wholeheartedly I have three boys. The youngest is 32--the oldest 39. The one who gave me the most trouble (7 automobile accidents in high school) is 5 months away from finishing his residency as a plastic surgeon. Discipline is not about of punishment, it's about growth. Consequences are important. But a larger view is required. Love them in spite of their awful behavior. Make sure they feel the sting of their bad behavior. Just remember, it for a greater good---eventual maturity.
lol it never occurred to you to just take the keys away from him?
Because nobody liked her? Wow that's a totally legit reason for treating someone like a piece of shiat; if you're a total ***.
Roger your comments. You would never believe the number of incidents I either witnessed or experienced in school re kids beating up other kids because no one liked the victims. Disgusting. Those brats' backsides should have whipped in public.
I think it odd that Leftists who say they want everyone to be sweet and nice, are the very ones who make the most vile comments about people they don't even know, like Geminus' comments about Sarah Palin. It must be envy. After all, Sarah is no doubt better looking than Geminus, done more than Geminus, is wealthier than Geminus and I'll bet even smarter than Geminus. Geminus, I would like to encourage you to take a course in clear thinking, you need it.
Excuse me, I was wondering where they teach clear thinking, as I would like to take the course. Also if you've taken the course, are there any pointers you can give me? Maybe you could sell me your old text book as well, that is of course, if you don't still refer back to it frequently.
Maybe its time Facebook steps up and adds some better parental controls. That site is getting out of control when it allows fake accounts to be created without any negative effects to those who do.
Well Hello!!! Its about time, thought we all know they will not serve anytime. 20 years ago this would have played out on a bathroom wall...yeah and that was then. times have definitely changed. Some where someone had to draw the line. Many kids dont learn that there are consequences when you do wrong.(and thats a whole other issue) Kids are killing each other and themselves for that matter.. Someone said we'er raising whimps by having our children run to the police rather than stand up and fight their own battles which to me sound utterly ridiculous. this is the type of behavior we are trying to put an end to. This girl answered after being asked why she did it and her response was "because no one liked her" so clearly she had no remorse. Kids need stiffer consequences for their actions.
This is what happens when there are no after school programs in the trailer parks. How about sentencing them to a work study program where they learn how to get decent dye jobs....
In response to Geminus comments below approving of these sort of false attacks on Sarah Palin and her family - Exactly the type of narrow bigoted behavior one would expect from a liberal. If Obama or his family were subjected to the same kind of repeated public attacks as Palin's family, all of the liberals would be apoplectic.
Last I checked, conservatives are more the bigoted type. Also, president Obama hasn't demonstrated the same kind of outright stupidity that our friend Sarah Palin has.
"Nude pre-pubescent girl's body" ? I'm assuming that is a fancy way of saying child pornography. These girls are lucky they were only charged with stalking. If they had been boys doing this to the poor girl they would have been charged with far worse.
Kids should be charged when the crime is serious - I tell my kids that if someone starts a fight with them they should file assualt charges. But in this case what was the actual crime? Stalking? I would think they should have a pretty good defense for that charge. I think the lesson here is that if the cops come knocking don't talk to them until you have consulted with an attorney - these kids stupid parents have left their kids open to be easy prey for a sexist justice system that doesn't tolerate rebelious women.
First of all, who gets to decide what is serious? Second, what you do with your kids is your business, but maybe we shouldn't alter our legal system because of it. Third, these girls are not rebellious women, they are bullies. There are plenty of them, and there will be plenty more. Lastly, please justify this statement: "a sexist justice system that doesn't tolerate rebelious women. "
These girls are losers, not "rebellious women." Hiding behind fake name, they viciously attack another girl. Lock them up, throw away the key.
Agree! The line has to be drawn somewhere, this is malicious and legally, slander. Sue the bitches!
Totally agree.
Yes - and who was missing from their lives to have modeled ethical and merciful behavior? Parents? Friends? Society? Don't waste any more time - who is there in your life that looks to you to be the model? Can you see your children, Siblings, Neighbors kids faces in the mugshots? The only resolution that can really be made here is that we each have a lot of improvement to be made to our modeling of proper life and behavior.
Big Al, it's because adults these days are so ready to provide an excuse for bad behavior that teenagers kill people over things like a bad grade on a math test. And, that's because most adults today find someone else (usually mommy or daddy) to blame for their own shortcomings and failures.
Our society is messed up. These girls did something that is reprehensible and deserving of punishment. What they did was wrong but certainly not unprecedented. For as long as there have been teenagers there have been bullies, hazing, and petty behavior resulting in hurt feelings and sometimes even more tragic outcomes. We certainly cannot turn a blind eye to the bad behavior. It is incumbent on society to deal with the trouble makers and to prevent this kind of behavior whenever possible. That said, there seems to be an unwarranted vilification of these girls. As adolescents they lack maturity and judgment. Rather than condemning them by charging them with felonies and releasing their names so that there is little chance that they will ever be able to rehabilitate, we should be trying to correct this behavior and to teach these girls a valuable lesson. The lesson here seems to be that if you mess up there are no second chances, there is no forgiveness. The hateful (and I dare say hypocritical) responses evidenced by the majority of the posts here, and the overarching societal compulsion to “make them pay,” do not reflect positively on us as a people. We sit back and point our fingers without compassion and without mercy. It would have been ok to charge these girls in juvenile court, to suspend them from school, and to impose community service or other punishments, but it is an overreaction to brand them for life by releasing their names, effectively throwing them to the curb as useless teenage trash.
would you say the same had the victim committed suicide. or if it was your kid that was the victim. Seriously, they are being taught a lesson
Too many second chances in certain situations. If the courts were a little tougher on these teens then they might not make so many repeat appearances. I have two nephews who started out with "minor" things and kept being bailed out with slaps on the wrist until one graduated to the next level of theft. He said the best thing that ever happened to him was being incarcerated for a period of time and shown that he there were consequences to his actions. Today he owns his own business, married with two sons and a grandson. If anyone watched the "Beyond Scared Straight" on A & E the other night, they would have found out that most girls feel that they are going to be let off with a lighter sentence. Those girls came out of that program with a new lease on life except one. Eventually she wound up in the same prison and that finally changed her attitude.
This is a perfect example of the differences between how girls pick on girls and how guys pick on guys. I love women. I am not making a hit at them. But, girls are a lot meaner than guys with this crap. I mean, seriously? I'm glad I'm a guy. When we don't like someone, we say some crap to their face (which no doubt makes us look like asshats) then get in a fight and then it's over. We're best friends after. It's the oldest type of male-bonding known to man. Women? Malice, hate, revenge, vindictive...are all words that come to mind. I am truly, truly grateful that I have a Y chromosome.
Wow, what a great start in life.....a felony charge at the ripe old age of 16. What's next? Getting knocked up by one (or some....who's keeping track, right?) of the "good old boys" in town, dropping out of high school when "Teen Moms" turns you down for your own episode, then taking your rightful places at Wal-Mart as stockers until they figure out you have absolutely no concept of personal responsibility...then comes the drugs and drinking and finally the occasional slutting around town - wearing that dark eyeliner and mascara - because you think it makes you look sooooo sexy. Yeah, maybe to a male racooon (mis-spelled deliberately....) (or a skunk in the case of the girl who can't keep her roots updated...) You both would fit in real well in my old home town. I made the escape. With a felony on your records this early in your lives, all you have to look forward to now is your classmates who actually made something of themselves pointing and laughing behind your back at each and every class reunion. Your parents will be so proud! Their daughters are the town whores and they (the their old age) have a house-load of illegitimate grandchildren! Every grandparents' dream! Nice job screwing it up for a little "fun". If you didn't look like such self-centered, spoiled, idiotic brats, this might have been a sad situation.
Kids today have "Lost It" - they don't have the values, respect and ethical standards, of the older generation...They think they can do as they please without any repercussions - It really boils down to a parenting failure!!! I hope they are sent to a young offenders institution for re-programming!!!
To make a generalization like this is just plain ignorant. If you had said, "most kids," I would have completely left this alone. Saying that all kids, which I'm assuming means people from the ages of about 5~25, is like saying that everyone that grew up in the sixties was a "hippy," or that every man in their 40's is losing their hair, or that all 60~80 year old women carry large purses full of butterscotch candies and cinnamon suckers. Yeah, forty year old men do lose their hair sometimes and a lot of old ladies do seem to carry around candy they never eat. But, placing a certain action, set of actions, a set of traits, or anything of the sort to an entire group of people is just stupid. People like you actually contribute to kids acting rebellious, and without care to anyone else. By identifying everyone within a twenty year span as people without values, respect, or ethical standards, what you do is make other kids believe that no matter what they do or how they act, that they are going to be placed in that category as well, and if you know you're already going to be put in that category, it can be hard to make good decisions and lead a respectful, moral life. In other words, most children, whether they know it or not, try to live up to the expectations that have been set for them, and if people, taking the same stance as you are, expect them to be disrespectful and without values, that is what they will inevitably try to live up to.
Recently a student in South Hadley Ma. committed suicide due to cyber-bulling. This is very different from a bathroom graffi. This is published and permanent. Our world is changing and the consequences for actions change with it. It is true that these girls may bear the brunt of a society that will make examples of them, but it is necessary. This type of behavior is extremely dangerous and may lead to unforeseen outcomes. The tradgedy in South Hadley should serve as a wake-up call to those who would characterize this as just another teenage prank.
So then when can we expect to see arrests of all those fake Sarah Palin posters?
Never. Sarah Palin is a public personality and therefore subject to satire, ridicule, praise, whatever. This little girl is a private citizen. Besides... Sarah gives us so much material to joke with! She's an idiot!
You must be one of those open-minded liberal leftist who are so civil. You want laughs??? Check out you own tribe first.
i think that a lot of people that are posting here have lost perspective vis-a-vis: punishment. when punishing anyone (especially a child) it is important to remember that the intention of punishment is to correct behavior, therefore, charging these girls with a felony (if that is what the law calls for) is totally appropriate. whether or not this should be a felony offense is another debate altogether. what is not appropriate is to splash photos and identities of these girls for the world to see. i know a lot of people take the stance of "thats what they get" or "fair is fair", but what about the old truism "two wrongs don't make a right"? even if you start with the (in my opinion flawed) argument that the victims life has been forever damaged by this incident, how does doing the same thing to two more children make the situation any better? punish them yes, but do it privately, as the law (i believe) calls for. it is important to remember (especially when dealing with children) that punishment is an act of kindness, an act of love. as a parent you punish a child because you love him/her, not because you are angry (even though you may be). your love for this child makes you desire that the child behave properly so the childs overall development will be such that his/her life is a as good as it can possibly be. a properly disciplined child is (overall) a happy child, they don't like the punishment while they are receiving it, but the sense of comfort and safety the receives from having proper boundries set is priceless in the development of a child. these girls did a stupid thing. guess what? thats what kids do much of the time. it is up to parents (and failing that, society as a whole) to correct these children when they make these bad decisions and to do it in such a way that the proper impression is made on the child that his/her behavior was not acceptable. remember, it's not about "what's fair"....
It's entirely appropriate to charge them, post their pictures and subject them to some of the same public humiliation that they subjected their poor victim to with their vicious actions. These girls had no problem abusing their victim in a way that "the whole world" could see it. Keeping their crime "private" does nothing but show these brats that there is no real consequence to their actions. Posting their photos, identifying them and publicizing their reprehensible acts ensures that they get a full dose of their own medicine. It also serves as a real deterrent that can be used to show that there are real consequences for such vicious actions. If nothing else, it hopefully provides some comfort to the poor victim that her tormentors will suffer the same fate that they inflicted upon her. If you don't like the concept of the punishment fitting the crime, consider this as a "teachable moment."
Ok, I do not get the phrase "erect male penis", the only critter who can have an erect penis is a male. Who writes this stuff, really where are the editors?
read the whole sentence and it will have your answer...
? Felony? Really? For what amounts to drawing dirty pictures on the bathroom wall? REALLY AMERICA? And, excuse me, but arent these JUVENILES? Arent they afforded some privacy protections under law!? Way to ruin their lives forever and reputation for something as petty as this! Something they did as KIDS!
I agree that we have violated the UN's definition of Child Abuse by putting children through the adult criminal justice system for far less than murder and aggravated rape, but remember the other side of the CJ punishment coin - a Deterrent for others. In this case, it was among other things, a computer crime. A Felony. Do you remember the movie "War Games" ?? Do you want kids to think they can do anything to computers on the internet and their records will be clear when they turn 18 ? How about if they redirect grandma's social security check to a charity ? They are only playing a game with a computer and did not gain money from it, right ? Same thing here.... Maybe if their parents were actually PARENTS they would not have had this happen to their poor darling BRATS!
There is a HUGE difference between bathroom wall graffiti and photoshopping nude pictures to teen girls faces! They publicly humiliated another teen girl. They are getting exactly what they deserve. People like this need to be exposed. I bet they NEVER do this again. Can't say that about most other bullies that get a hush hush slap on the wrist. They didn't think about how their actions could affect their future just like the girl who took a pic of herself with the giant turd floating in the toilet behind her. Only these two aren't just innocent dummies taking stupid pictures of themselves. They are much much worse.
Regardless of their ages the crime is still a felony. Their punishment in juvenile court will be very different than if they were punished in adult court. Depending on the crime will depend if they are "protected" by privacy laws as juveniles. If they were adults would you feel the same way? What if you were the victim?
So now we are defending bullies? Because that is EXACTLY what these two little pieces of trash are. It IS petty and its demeaning and it is devastating to a teenaged girl. More than one teenaged girl has commited suicide over this kind of harassment what would you say then? "oh they were just being kids it doesnt matter if the kid killed herself." You need to stop being a mean person and realize that this kind of crap cannot stand anymore. Its bullcrap and its nasty and mean and completely unnecessary and until these kids start realizing there are real consequences for these kinds of actions it will never stop.