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Are These Guys The World's Worst Burglars?

Cops: Trio taped themselves plotting, executing crime

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Pot Burglary Video

MARCH 22--Walking towards a home they planned to burglarize, a Florida trio discussed how they would break into the residence, noted that they hoped the owner “didn’t have the alarm system,” and declared, “Fuck the police” as they heard sirens off in the distance.

For some unknown reason, the men filmed these pre-felony musings on a Kodak Easyshare camera. Which was later found in one perp’s pocket after cops caught them in the act on December 6.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputies found four separate clips documenting the moments before the group allegedly robbed a marijuana plant from the Bradenton home of an acquaintance.

Police arrested Joshua VanSlyke, 18; Anthony VanSlyke, 21; and Gregory Williams, 20, on felony burglary charges. In the incriminating videos, Williams is seen wearing a black t-shirt, Anthony VanSlyke has on a black and white hoodie, while his brother Joshua wears a grey “Zoo York” hoodie.

In the first clip, the men discuss how they will use a screwdriver to pry the hinges off the door. In the second clip, they speak about the possibility of encountering a security system at the targeted residence. As police sirens can be heard in the background of the third clip, one man remarks, “We don’t give a fuck.” Finally, the fourth clip shows Joshua VanSlyke announcing, “We’re in this nigger’s backyard.” To which Williams adds, “This is real.” The clip ends with a shot of Anthony VanSlyke at the home’s back door.

For ease of viewing, we’ve combined the clips into a single 3:54 video, which can be viewed here:

When asked about the camera during a videotaped police interview, Joshua VanSlyke said, “It’s my mom’s.” According to police reports, deputies also recovered a hammer and Craftsman screwdriver that the men allegedly used to pry open the door.

Joshua VanSlyke, Anthony VanSlyke, and Williams, are pictured, left to right, in the below mug shots. The videos of the alleged burglars were provided to TSG in response to an open records request filed with prosecutors.

In return for guilty pleas, prosecutors have offered each man a prison sentence of about 21 months, to be followed by three years probation, according to February 17 court filings. Those offers have not been accepted and trial dates have been set for the defendants, who are each free on bail. (2 pages)

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Because of c*nts like YOU, Dewey.
Looks kinda' like the "Three Stooges", just an updated version.
Best quote of this video: "God should be on our side, hopefully."
They are extremely lucky that the owner was not sitting inside the house with shotgun. Certainly would have provided a quick and final ending to the video production.
The children are our future??? oh, crap!
These guys think they are making a reality TV show. They just forgot to get the proper permits to stage the heist.
Look into their eyes and then add up what you think the combined IQ's are.....if you hit double digits, you are very generous...
This is what happens to youths raised eating German baloney, toxic lead paint chips and cheap malt liquor for lunch.
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Stealing someone's weed? That's not just low, it's greasy!
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tobyspeeks: Not only do I think for myself, but looks like I have to do the thinking for you, too.
Thanks, but no. I'm progressive and not interested in taking any steps backwards.
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I'm sure there's some lawyer out there who would try to get the videos thrown out as evidence. Can the younger generations get any dumber? Why yes! As long as public schools (unionized, of course) keep operating.
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