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Cuban Raft Boy Controversy

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Janet Reno: Return To Sender

Florida Judge Orders Elian To Stay Put

A Curious Money Trail

Subpoenaing A 6-Year-Old

The international tug-of-war over Elian Gonzalez promises to get more sticky as politicians of every stripe angle to cast the 6-year-old Cuban boy as either a defenseless kidnap victim or a fortunate escapee from Fidel Castro's repressive regime.

As the Gonzalez saga continues to unfold, The Smoking Gun will quickly post material relating to the custody tussle. Below you'll find some of the key case records as well as several fascinating documents involving El Commandante himself.

Janet Reno: Return To Sender (4 pages)

Florida Judge Orders Elian To Stay Put (6 pages)

A Curious Money Trail (1 page)

Subpoenaing A 6-Year-Old (1 page)

Lil' Fidel: An FDR Pen Pal (3 pages)

So Many Plots, So Little Time (8 pages)

The Old "Imaginary Leader" Trick (5 pages)