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DUI Suspect Had Vodka Stash Under Bra

Eight-pack of booze found by police following bust

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Nip Stash

MARCH 19--After transporting a Florida Woman to jail following her arrest on DUI charges at a McDonald’s drive-thru, cops discovered that she had an eight-pack of vodka stuffed in her bra, according to an arrest report.

Responding to a 911 call about a “drunk female that is driving all over the drive thru,” police Monday night found Brandi Stanley, 31, behind the wheel of a Pontiac SUV idling outside the McDonald’s in Lady Lake, a town about 60 miles from Orlando.

Stanley, who had been eating in the vehicle, smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes, and her face was flushed, an officer noted. Additionally, when Stanley exited her car at the cop’s request, she swayed from side to side.

After refusing to perform field sobriety tests, Stanley was handcuffed and placed in the rear of a police car. En route to jail, Stanley reportedly uttered, “Just take me home, let’s forget this” and “I’m so stupid I should know better.”

Upon arriving at the county lockup, Stanley “continued to yell and scream” at cops, resulting in “several deputies assisting in removing the defendant from the vehicle.”

It was only after Stanley was extracted from the cruiser that police located an eight-pack of Deep Eddy Vodka under her bra. One bottle was missing from the pack, cops reported.

While court filings do not indicate the size of the individual vodka bottles, physics dictates that they were 50-milliliter nips, the shot-size serving associated with airplane imbibing.

Pictured above, Stanley was charged with a pair of misdemeanor DUI counts. After a night in jail, Stanley was released from custody after posting $2000 bond. She is scheduled for an April 19 plea negotiation conference in Circuit Court. (2 pages)