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Contraband Into Jail

JULY 28--In advance of voluntarily surrendering to face attempted murder charges, an Indiana man allegedly stuffed baggies containing tobacco and marijuana in his rectum, contraband that he subsequently stuffed in his mouth when it was spotted by jailers conducting a strip search, according to investigators.

During an “unclothed body search” Friday evening at the Vanderburgh County Detention Center, Terrence Lewis, 32, was allegedly found in possession of one gram of pot and some tobacco.

“After Lewis was undressed, I gave him instructions to bend at the waist,” reported Deputy Timothy Money, who added that he spied “a foreign object protruding” from Lewis’s “anus area.” At this point, “Lewis quickly grabbed the object from his anus area and stuck it in his mouth.”

At the direction of Money, Lewis (seen above) subsequently “spit the object in his hand then handed it over to me.” The inmate was then charged with narcotics possession and attempting to smuggle drugs into the lockup.

Lewis was arrested again Saturday after allegedly assaulting a fellow inmate. James Brown, a 60-year-old locked up on drug charges, told deputies that Lewis punched him in the face twice. “Brown said that he passed gas and Lewis became upset and said Brown was being disrespectful,” according to a probable cause affidavit charging Lewis with battery.

After the pummeling, “Brown’s left eye was red with blood and he was bleeding from his nose.” Since Brown (pictured at left) was not feeling good, he was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Lewis turned himself in to police Friday afternoon in connection with a warrant accusing him of shooting two men earlier this month (the victims were both shot in the leg).

Lewis is being held in lieu of $52,100 for his various alleged felonious activities. (2 pages)