Woman Says She Lost $162 Million Lottery Ticket

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Woman Says She Lost $162 Million Lottery Ticket

JANUARY 6--The odds of winning the recent $162 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot were one in 135 million.

Nobody ever calculated the odds of buying the winning ticket and then promptly losing it.

That's what an Ohio woman named Elecia Battle (pictured left) has told cops happened last week. According to a South Euclid Police Department report, Battle, a 40-year-old Rite Aid employee, told cops that she bought the ticket at a Quick Shop market and placed it in her purse.

But when she exited the store, she dropped the purse as she headed to her car. Battle claims that she returned the spilled items to her purse, but apparently failed to pick up the ticket.

Frankly, TSG doesn't buy Battle's story. Especially since Ohio lottery officials just announced (11:40 AM) that one Rebecca Jemison has come forward with the winning ticket.

Let the litigation begin. (1 page)