A Trump And A Crook

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A Trump And A Crook

FBI Seized Items Inventory

We don't normally spend our time rummaging through Securities and Exchange Commission records (TSG is too busy hunting for crucial Kirstie Alley documents). But we think Donald Trump (now reportedly considering a presidential bid) is such a load, we had to point out something we found buried in a March 31 SEC filing made by Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts.

The publicly held firm, which owns gambling joints in Atlantic City and Indiana, has lost $170 million since 1996. Its stock, now trading at $6, has tumbled 83 percent from a high of $35 three years ago. The company, saddled with $2 billion in long-term debt, is often mocked by online sites like The The Motley Fool and

But despite these financial woes, THCR has loaned Trump, the firm's chairman, a whopping $24.5 million and even gave the supposed billionaire an advance on his entire 1999 salary and expense account (another $1.5 million). Geez, Donald, what's next? A rent party at the Four Seasons? (1 page)

Ever wonder what you'd find in the apartment of a typical New York City resident? This FBI inventory provides a good idea. And can you think of a better name for a robbery squad cop? (2 pages)