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Torn From The Headlines

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Torn From The Headlines

Sea Turtle Incident


In case you missed the recent news stories:

1) The Florida Department of Health just sanctioned Dr. William Leach for a variety of inappropriate behavior. Here's what he subjected three of his patients to, according to the state's findings of fact. (3 pages)

2) Speaking of Floridians, an employee of the Miami Seaquarium had a strange way of handling a dead Leatherback turtle, according to this just-surfaced report from the state's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. We've also included the memo Seaquarium officials sent to employees reminding them that you don't eat the attractions. (2 pages)

3) It's been touted as an actual Orgasmatron--a spinal cord stimulation device that just happens to get some people off. But while the clip-on belt apparatus is cute, those internal probes look painful. (1 page)