Woman Whipped Stepson, 26, For Tardiness

Cops: Victim got 30 "licks" for missing curfew

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Stepmom "Licks"

MAY 28--A Florida Woman was arrested early yesterday for striking her adult stepson with a leather belt 30 times after he was late for his midnight curfew, police report.

The victim punished for his tardiness is 26 years old.

Cops allege that Valerie Branch-Galloway delivered the 12:30 AM belt lashing in the Largo home she shares with her husband, who is the father of the victim (who has been residing with the couple for the past three months).

According to an arrest affidavit, Branch-Galloway offered the victim his choice of two punishments for being 30 minutes late: She could tell his father or he could endure the “licks.”

The man, investigators say, “picked the licks.” As a result, Branch-Galloway struck the victim 11 times in the “buttock area” before he told her to stop. However, cops allege, Branch-Galloway said, “No, you have 19 more” and delivered the balance of the belt “licks.”

During police questioning, Branch-Galloway (seen above) admitted striking her stepson 30 times with the leather belt “in the buttock area for being late.” She denied that the victim “ever said to stop.”

A Largo Police Department officer noted that the victim “still had bruising on his lower right back and hip area.” The cops added, “It should be noted the vic is 26yo.”

Charged with domestic battery, Branch-Galloway was booked early Monday into the county jail on the misdemeanor count. She is scheduled today for an initial court appearance. (1 page)