Russian Catalogue: Bang For Your Bucks

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Russian Catalogue: Bang For Your Bucks

Pssst: Need a rocket launcher or a minesweeper? Have you struck out on eBay? Well, has Russia got a deal for you.

In need of hard currency, Moscow is selling part of its weapons inventory, showcasing the lethal loot via a nifty 96-page catalogue produced by Rosvoorouzhenie, a state-owned company that handles overseas sales in places like Libya and Iraq.

Journalist Ken Silverstein, who recently wrote about this arms bazaar for Salon, loaned TSG the catalogue so we could reprint some interesting pages (hey, so buy Ken's upcoming book "Private Warriors"). The catalogue does not contain prices, so you'll have to confer with your Rosvoorouzhenie salesgirl.

But if you have to ask, you probably can't afford it anyway (7 pages).