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Rush Limbaugh Pill Pushers Emerge

Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh Pill Pushers Emerge

OCTOBER 3--Meet Louis Beshara and his wife, Gloria Rodriguez.

The Florida couple is at the heart of the drug scandal now enveloping radio superstar Rush Limbaugh. Investigators allege that the duo illegally sold hundreds of thousands of prescription painkillers from a Palm Beach-area pharmacy they owned.

According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's search warrant affidavit, Beshara provided Hydrocodone, the powerful and addictive painkiller, to middlemen drug dealers like Joseph Coppola, who then resold the pills to users.

It has been reported that Limbaugh scored some of the Beshara pills via Wilma Cline, a former maid at the radio star's Palm Beach mansion. Beshara and Rodriguez, who each face two felony drug trafficking charges, are free on bail, though Beshara is under house arrest. (8 pages)

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These 2 should have been hung back then in 2003. It Aug 2010 and Gloria Rodrigues owner is running a pill mill. Hope she gets life.They took my sons life with the illegal pill pushing Dr's . The Dr's who wrote the scrips should get life as well.